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Stacking For Success

Comprehensive Multi-Pathway Stacks
To Help You Bulk Up and Lean Out

There’s more than one nutritional pathway to the physique of your dreams. And while everyone has their favorite “go-to” foods and supplements for paving the way to success, the serious bodybuilder knows that a synergy of different transformational co-factors, working in tandem, is the way to go. In short, the more comprehensive your attack, the greater likelihood you have of attaining your goal.

Evidence continues to accumulate that a well-constructed nutritional program is the key to extreme physique transformation. Many people say you should also supplement big to help make sure your muscles are getting the key nutrients they need to turn on muscle growth and trigger fat burning. Toward this end, evidence suggests that “stacking” one, two or three nutrients together and at opportune times can support the many physiological processes central to gaining mass and leaning out.

The Ideal Muscle and Strength Stack

In considering how to begin and what nutrients to stack together, first ask yourself, “What am I trying to achieve?” If your goal is to pack on lean mass and develop “bend the bar” strength, what types of nutritional catalysts would advance that program? Hey, we’re glad you asked!

There are three key factors known to drive muscle growth: optimal protein intake, maximization of anabolic hormone levels and staving off fatigue so you can produce two or three reps more in each set. For optimal protein intake, one should plan on taking in more protein than the average, sedentary adult. Many people use a starting point of 1.5 – 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight (0.75 – 1 gram per pound). In fact, several studies in the last three to four years have used protein dosages around 2x the RDA (1.6 grams per kilogram or approximately 0.8 grams per pound of body weight) and have concluded this amount of protein might promote the greater accrual of lean mass (Pasiakos et al. 2013, Longland et al. 2016). More so, research from Nova Southeastern University has suggested that protein intakes greater than 2 grams per kilogram and even up to 3 grams per kilogram can favorably impact body composition changes while following a heavy resistance training program (Antonio et al. 2015, Antonio et al. 2014).

Balance this daily protein amount out with high-quality animal sources of protein such as eggs, chicken and lean beef, and for those times when you supplement your diet with protein, one should look no further than a high-quality whey protein isolate. ProSource’s NytroWhey® Ultra Elite meets this requirement and more! Whey isolate has been the benchmark anabolic protein for decades now, and the whey isolate found in NytroWhey Ultra Elite is formulated via an advanced microfiltration technology to yield the most anabolically active concentrations of protein fractions essential to muscle repair and growth.

NytroWhey Ultra Elite also contains a highly fractionated whey protein hydrolysate which will facilitate faster uptake of amino acids into the blood and a greater insulin response which may also help support maximal anabolism. And then there’s the leucine-peptide technology found in NytroWhey Ultra Elite, which yields much higher levels of the essential amino acid leucine than that found in your typical whey protein. Leucine is one of the essential amino acids, and it is often described by scientists as somewhat of a “light switch” in its ability to turn on the muscle-building process when it is provided in appropriate amounts.

All in all, research suggests that a 20 – 25 gram dose of whey protein (10 – 12.5 grams of the essential amino acids) is needed every 3-4 hours to continually support and promote maximal rates of muscle protein synthesis (Areta et al. 2013). That’s a lot of protein! And it’s why every muscle and strength building stack should have a high quality protein source as its foundation. Certainly, NytroWhey Ultra Elite is an awesome way to start!

More Muscle and Strength: Pump Up the Volume

Another outstanding consideration for your maximal strength and muscle stack is creatine monohydrate. Produced from the interaction of arginine, glycine, and methionine, creatine has been well-validated over the course of two decades of worldwide scientific research for its capacity to support strength, power, training volume and muscle hypertrophy. For these reasons, creatine is an absolute must for nearly all athletes, especially those who are looking to gain strength and muscle!

ProSource Creatine Monohydrate contains only CreaPure® creatine, the world’s gold standard for this cell-volumizing catalyst. While other versions of creatine are available, the monohydrate version is typically the most cost-effective, while little or no research exists to suggest that any other version of creatine should be considered superior. Omitting creatine from your nutritional program for advancing strength and muscle gains is like going to a gun fight with a butter knife!

The Final Element: Powerful Natural Testosterone Support

A third recommendation for your muscle growth and strength stack will work to promote and sustain optimal levels of the key anabolic hormone, testosterone. While some studies suggest that higher than physiological levels of testosterone are not needed for greater muscle growth, nearly all research in humans and animals consistently suggest that maintaining testosterone levels is an important consideration (West and Phillips 2010).

There are many things you can do every day to support T-levels. Some of them are sheer common sense. Get enough sleep. Manage stress effectively.  Maintain a healthy diet that includes dietary fats. Engage in a weight-training program. And while you’re at it, take advantage of new research into supplemental botanical extracts rich in steroidal saponins and glycopeptides, particularly protodioscin. One particular product, AndroTest from ProSource, is currently well-established at the cutting-edge of this new science. AndroTest contains a powerful protodioscin-rich botanical super-compound that has been shown to support free and total testosterone levels and maintain them for a prolonged period of time. In combination with a high volume, heavy resistance training that uses your biggest muscle groups to move your biggest weights, your body’s secretion of testosterone will be optimized, also helping to promote a highly anabolic environment.

There you have it: protein, creatine, and a natural T-booster, working in perfect synergy to help you increase strength and build rock-hard muscle mass. ProSource offers the industry’s best and most scientifically advanced versions of these three building blocks (in the form of NytroWhey Ultra Elite, ProSource brand Creatine Monohydrate and AndroTest) in a convenient and money-saving stack called the Ultra Quick Build Power Stack.

Next Stop: Razor Cuts and Shredded Abs!

If your answer to the physique-goal question cited above was “Shed fat and get lean,” a different set of transformational catalysts is called for. Again, the power of protein when trying to hold on to muscle and cutting fat cannot be emphasized enough. To lose fat, you need to cut calories in your diet, but without adequate protein, the body starts leeching it away from your hard-earned muscle. This “two steps forward, one step back” approach can be circumvented by maximizing protein intake in combination with your calorie cutting diet. Controlled studies suggest a protein intake of 1.6 – 2.3 grams per kilogram body mass (0.8 – 1.1 grams per pound) are a critical first step to maximize fat loss.

Vectron by ProSource is an excellent protein consideration when attempting to lose fat and hold on to muscle. For starters, the key active ingredient in this product has its own wealth of clinical data (published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism) in support of its efficacy. In the 12-week study, subjects taking Prolibra retained twice as much lean muscle while at the same time experiencing 79% fat-loss compared to the control group at 51% fat loss. Taking Vectron twice daily before meals has been shown to reduce blood glucose after meals and maintain muscle mass even under conditions of significant fat loss.

To start a fat-shedding journey you have to maintain a focused and intensive workout regimen and be disciplined with your diet. Optimal protein intake is a huge consideration and a high-quality protein isolate like that found in Vectron is an awesome way to start. Balancing Vectron supplementation with healthy protein choices from whole food sources is a terrific way to maximize fat loss.

Leverage Your Metabolism With a Thermogenic Agent

For many people, another popular consideration to maximize your transformation is a thermogenic that can help keep you energized, focused and moving throughout the day, while supporting fat utlization. BetaStax Elite from BioQuest contains a variety of ingredients ranging from Caffeine and Green Coffee Extract to an exclusive PureWay-Slim® technology that has been shown to support clinically validated and significant reductions in body weight, waist and hip circumferences in as little as two weeks. The proper bodily environment for fat loss is crucial for physique transformation, and BetaStax Elite is well-indicated for achieving that bodily state. With the daily grind of training and dieting, a thermogenic supplement such as BetaStax Elite will also help provide the necessary boost of energy and focus people need to get in the gym and train hard.

Go the Non-Stimulant Route As Well

A final consideration for fat loss is CLA, or conjugated linoleic acids. CLA is well-documented in animal research to promote fat breakdown (Miranda et al. 2009) and several studies in overweight adults who just added CLA to their diet with no exercise program demonstrated a positive, modest benefit for weight loss and fat loss (Gaullier et al. 2007, Gaullier et al. 2004). Two other studies that included CLA as part of a resistance training program also suggest favorable outcomes for fat loss and maintenance of lean tissue (Pinkoski et al. 2006) while another study added CLA to creatine and whey protein and suggested positive outcomes related to fat loss and lean mass gains as well (Cornish et al. 2009).  

ProSource provides a handy stack of these three catalysts for ripping up and leaning out. The Ultimate Transformation Mega Stack is precision-targeted for attaining a lean, mean physique, and will save you a good amount of money, too!

With summer almost upon us, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your beach (and club and stage) body. These two stacks will have you well on your way!

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