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The ancient "super food", spirulina contains high levels of essential amino acids, fatty acids (linoleic acid, F-linolenic acid, and palmitic acid), selenium, and vitamins C and E. As well, it contains a powerful combination of other antioxidants.
In a recent double bind, placebo controlled study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, scientists examined the effect of spirulina supplementation on exercise performance, metabolism, and blood antioxidants before and after exercise. The subjects involved were 9 moderately trained men who ingested 2000 mg of spirulina or a placebo 3 times daily (before meals) for four weeks. Each subject ran on a treadmill at 70%-75% of their VO2max for 2 hours and then at 95% VO2max to exhaustion. The researchers reported a significant increase in the time to exhaustion at 95% VO2max, implying that spirulina may boost anaerobic (or high intensity) performance. Under aerobic conditions (during 2 hr run at 70-75% max), subjects who received spirulina burned about 11% more fat. As well, the authors reported higher antioxidant levels at rest and 24 h after exercise in subjects who received spirulina supplementation.

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