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Sizing Up The Situation

Sizing Up The Situation
Exclusive ProSource Interview: Mike Sorrentino
Is Ready to Lead Jersey Shore Into Its 6th Season

Snooki and JWoww in Jersey City? Pauly D in Vegas? More than ever, it's all up to The Situation on the Jersey Shore.

Here at ProSource, we've been big fans of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and the Jersey Shore gang ever since they took up residence a few miles down the beach from us in Seaside Heights. Guys and girls with plenty of attitude and ambition, proper respect for fitness, and all the right priorities. (That's GTL: Gym, Tan, and Laundry.)

From the first episodes of Jersey Shore, when we saw the protein formulas out on the counter and we saw the guys' dedication to going to the gym, we immediately thought: Hey, these are our kind of guys! Since then, we've been pleased to welcome cast and crew as satisfied customers at and our ProSource SuperStore a mile away from the Jersey Shore house in Toms River. (Gotta stock up on protein and fat burners!) And we've been happy to spot a ProSource T-shirt or two on the telecast.

So, like most of America, we were delighted to find out that MTV has green-lighted a sixth season of the smash-hit Jersey Shore franchise. And though some cast members may (or may not) be moving on, the true heart and soul of the show, The Situation, is still on hand to dole out plenty of his outrageous wit and wisdom, creep the clubs, dodge the grenades, and stir the pot like only he can.

Recently, we had a chance to talk with Mike and talk about his training, the future of Jersey Shore, his own future beyond the show, and, of course, the most famous set of ripped abs in America.

ProSource: We've all heard the news that Jersey Shore is going to be back for a 6th season. In light of recent developments (Snooki's pregnancy, spin-offs, etc.), it looks like you're going to be carrying the show more than ever. What are your goals for the 6th season? Any spoilers and/or secrets you want to share with our readers?

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino: All I can say is expect to see me at my best this season!  I've been hitting the gym more than ever, and I feel great.  My goal is to GTL every day and have a blast while I'm down there.  Other than that, I guess you will just have to wait and see and tune in and watch to find out.

ProSource: You have a reputation for enjoying the nightlife, but also a reputation for taking your fitness and physique really seriously. For a lot of our readers, those two lifestyles are hard to balance. What's the Situation's philosophy for balancing partying and working out? Do you have to take any extraordinary measures with diet or workouts to maintain your physique when you're filming a season?

Mike: It's definitely a challenge to balance partying and working out. However, I am very dedicated, determined, and have tremendous discipline when it comes to working out on a daily basis and keeping with my fitness goals. I am in the gym six to seven days per week no matter what.

ProSource: Your key physical feature is your rock-hard abs. What's your workout strategy for maintaining such a high degree of fat-loss? Do you do a lot of cardio? What's your most important exercise for abs?

  Mike: Concerning my physique I have always been naturally lean.  However, my workout routine consists of weight training and cardio every day with the exception of one day. I reserve one day for solely cardio and ab training. Cardio training is definitely very important.  I try to cardio train in some way every day. I also do several core exercises, isometrics, and of course several different ab workouts.  My favorite is hanging leg raises.

Jersey Shore's Mike The Situation ProSource: What sports supplements do you use? Do you use them daily? How have the supplements helped you maintain peak conditioning?

Mike: I try to take a solid multi-vitamin everyday with a healthy breakfast, and I always have plenty of protein on hand.  I have a whey protein shake immediately after working out to repair my muscles, and help them grow.  Also, when I get hungry before going to sleep, I have a casein shake, which keeps me feeling full throughout the night.  Other than that, I'll take a nitric oxide booster before working out to focus and get a good pump at the gym.

ProSource: You've said in the past that "The Situation" and Michael Sorrentino are two different people and that "The Situation" is just one part of you. Tell us something about Michael Sorrentino that would surprise us.

Mike: I am a real genuine guy, with a big heart.  Nothing makes me happier than helping out the people that I care about.  I am extremely close with my family.  I try and see them every day when I am not traveling.

ProSource: Okay, last question. When Jersey Shore ends its run, what do you see yourself doing? More TV? Other media?

Mike: I love being in front of the camera, so you better believe you will see a lot more of me, whether it's reality TV, commercials, or movies.  My dream is to be an actor, and I work really hard to make my dreams come true.

ProSource: Alright, Mike. Thanks for sharing with our readers. We're all looking forward to Season Six of Jersey Shore .

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