Size Wise

Size Wise

Heavyweight bodybuilding contender Evan Centopani has seen his muscle mass skyrocket, thanks to a solid training program and ProSource's AndroTest.

Coming off the victory in the NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States Bodybuilding Championships this past June, Evan was all about "coasting" through the summer, taking it easy until he really jumped back into training full steam for his winter growth phase. But a new supplement he discovered ended up dramatically changing that plan.

"I started taking ProSource's AndroTest and it's been absolutely phenomenal," he says. "I've been shocked at how my strength has gone up, and the drive it has given me in the gym. In a month, I had already put 25 pounds back on from my contest weight -- 25 pounds! I couldn't believe it."

How exactly did AndroTest help? "It gave me the push to get back into lifting right away," Evan answers. "And if it's given me this much energy when I'm not even preparing for anything, I can only imagine how much it's going to help when I have a goal in mind and I'm aiming for my next contest." The 23-year-old, who has a sociology degree from Fairfield University in Connecticut, competed in the Atlantic States -- his first foray into bodybuilding competition -- at a bodyweight of 225.

Now, his stellar accomplishments with AndroTest have him thinking big for next year. "I want to take this winter and get as huge as I possibly can, maybe compete at 245 next year in the Junior Nationals or Nationals," he explains. "I think it's something I could accomplish, especially if I stick with the AndroTest -- I've carried a lot of weight in the past with a low level of body fat." In addition to AndroTest, Evan keeps his supplement regimen pretty basic, focusing on glutamine peptide for workout recovery, amino acids, desiccated liver tablets, a multivitamin, and protein shakes to augment his calorie intake.

He also follows a simple recipe on the food front, taking in up to 6,000 calories a day in the off-season, about 2,500 per day precontest. "The less processed my food is, the better I look," he says. "I like whole eggs, chicken, red meat if I'm trying to bulk up, tuna and fish. As far as carbs, I eat oatmeal, sweet potatoes, barley -- I really like barley, for me it's my No. 1 source of carbs. I'll prepare it ahead of time and mix Splenda sweetener and some cinnamon into it. I'm not big on pizza or fast food," he adds. "If I'm in the mood for something sweet, I'll have fruit. If I'm craving something fatty, I might have an avocado. I satisfy my cravings with natural, whole foods."

Year-round, no matter if he's gunning for mass or leaning down, Evan's approach to training remains the same. "I like high volume, and I lift heavy," he says. "I pick weights where I can get 6-8 reps in a set, but I incorporate drop sets and supersets as well." He says there's "no question at all" that his strength and power in the gym has shot through the roof since he started taking AndroTest on a daily basis. "Having trained for awhile, and having tried plenty of supplements over the years, including other tribulus formulations, I wasn't sure what to expect when I first tried it," he admits. "I know some things might work better for beginners, and not for someone who's more advanced in their development. That's why it really shocked me at just how much of a difference I noticed in my strength, my stamina and my results from just a few weeks using AndroTest . I love this stuff."  For Evan, Monday is chest day, Tuesday is back and hamstrings, Thursday is shoulders and calves, Friday is arms, and Saturday is quads. "For me, deadlifts are huge," he says. "I started doing stiff-legged deadlifts as a hamstring exercise and it ended up making my back grow. It's one of the reasons I now do back and hams on the same day -- whether I do traditional or stiff-legged deadlifts, I feel they really tie those two body parts together. I also regularly use the big core exercises like squats and bench presses. Even though chest isn't one of my strongest body parts, benching is something I enjoy; it's one of the best mass builders for your pecs and whole upper body."

No matter what your ultimate plans are, whether it's to compete, or just to train to look and feel better, Evan recommends keeping your sights firmly affixed on your own goals to achieve long-term results. "Don't worry about what other people think or what they're doing," Evan states. "Everyone has their own personal best, and we all have to set our own standards for success. Just do what feels right for you, and stay consistent, and you'll get to where you want to go."