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Shoulder Torture

Shoulder Torture

[Editor's Note: We certainly hope you weren't planning on using your arms for anything important this weekend, because after Cory Gregory is through with you, just buttoning your shirt is going to take a world of effort. This week, Cory's got Shoulder Torture in mind, so we're talking plenty of raises (lateral, front, cable, and bent-over). Sounds easy, right? Well, maybe not so much after jumping rope, doing dumbbell punches, and running your best mile. Enjoy!]

Workout Overview:

Jump Rope
5-8 minutes

5 lb Dumbbell Punches
5 sets of 1 minute (with 30 seconds rest)

Run 1 mile for your best time
1 set of the SHOULDER TORTURE Circuit

Military Dumbbell Press - 50 reps

Lateral Raise - 50 reps

Front Raise - 50 reps (raise to eye level)

Arnold Press - 50 reps

Cable Laterals - 50 reps

Bent Over Laterals - 50 reps


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