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Shift Into Overdrive

Shift Into Overdrive

Buy Best Pre-Workout on Sale
Buy Best Pre-Workout on Sale

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Increased productivity equals greater results.

This may seem like a self-evident observation, but think back to your most recent workouts. Are you moving the same volume of weight, in the same number of reps, set after set, with only minor variations?

You may think you're training to the very limits of your physical and mental capacity, but those limits are imaginary. More specifically, they are a product of your bodily and mental environment as you walk from the locker room to the gym floor. With proper supplementation, you can change the parameters of performance potential quite radically.

In fact, you HAVE to do so, if you're going to move out of your "comfort zone" and get the physique results you're seeking. Physiologically speaking, you've got to kick open the door to a powerful surge in stamina, focus, intensity, endurance, and overall strength. It's those last reps, those reps beyond your former breaking point, that enlist every fiber of muscle tissue, savaging them and setting the stage for real growth.

And that's where Alpha Fury from BioQuest comes in.

Unleash the Fury With a Super-Advanced
Pump Catalyst and Performance Optimizer

Alpha Fury is designed to address every factor of the ideal workout, including muscle pump, endurance, focus, intensity, and insulin potentiation. Its breakthrough matrix of performance and productivity maximizers works in perfect synergy to break down the barriers that lie between you and hugely expanded workout capacity.

Let's start with muscle pump. You know that vein-bulging, skin-ripping feeling a good, intense muscle pump gives you? You feel like there are no limits to what you can achieve. But when is the last time you felt like that?

Not recently, right? To feel that way again, you need a targeted catalyst in the form of Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine (GPLC), trade-named GlycoCarn. GlycoCarn is a patented compound consisting of one molecule of glycine bound to propionyl-L-carnitine, which, in vivo, breaks down into its constitutive molecules, converting arginine into nitric oxide synthase, which in turn increases peripheral blood flow.

Clinical Validation for GlycoCarn
Okay, increased blood flow, you're thinking. But how much of a performance benefit does this process deliver? A very significant benefit, in fact, as documented in recent clinical study. In 2009, scientists from Florida Atlantic University studied the effect of GPLC supplementation on anaerobic exercise performance and blood lactate levels. This randomized, placebo controlled, crossover study was conducted on 24 resistance trained males, who completed five sets of 10 sec all-out sprints separated by 1 minute rest periods. The exercise testing was performed 90 minutes after the subjects ingested either 4.5g of GPLC or a placebo. The researchers reported that peak and mean power across the five sprint bouts was 2.6% to 15% greater and post-exercise blood lactate (a marker for fatigue) was 16% lower with GPLC compared to placebo.

In another study, a report of which was published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, scientists from the University of Memphis compared the effects of 4 pre-workout nitric oxide boosters (including GPLC) on skeletal muscle oxygen saturation, blood nitric oxide, lactate, malondialdehyde, and exercise performance. The subjects were randomized to 1 of 4 supplement groups or the placebo group and were instructed to consume the assigned supplement prior to exercise testing. Remarkably, none of the products except for GPLC resulted in beneficial changes. It was reported that a single dose of GPLC promoted increased skeletal muscle oxygen saturation at the onset of exercise, decreased fat peroxidation (a result of high antioxidant activity), and increased total exercise volume load compared to all other groups.

It should be noted that the dosage of GlycoCarn present in Alpha Fury is 4.5 grams, precisely mirroring the dosage used in these studies.

Buy Ultimate Workout Super Stack on Sale
Buy Ultimate Workout Super Stack on Sale

for a chance to win
this product!
Beat Fatigue with Beta Alanine
And a Matrix of Focus Intensifiers

Fatigue is the athlete's enemy. It has both mental and physical manifestations. On the physical side, fatigue is a by-product of the build-up of lactic acid in muscle tissue. This build-up is characterized by the "burning" sensation you feel as you reach the limits of your workout capacity. Fortunately, you can combat lactic acid build-up, delay fatigue, and enhance performance with beta alanine, as found in Alpha Fury.  

Muscle tissue contains carnosine, an essential buffer that soaks up lactic acid in muscle. Carnosine is composed of two amino acids: L-histidine and beta alanine. Beta alanine is rate-limiting in the synthesis of carnosine levels in muscles. Several studies have shown improvements with beta alanine supplementation during multiple bouts of high intensity short duration activity and single bouts of high intensity exercise lasting more than 60 seconds.

In one such study, researchers from the United Kingdom had healthy men supplement for 4 weeks with either beta alanine (6.4 grams per day) or a placebo.  Before and after supplementation they performed a cycling test to exhaustion at an intensity that caused them to fatigue in about 2 minutes. After 4 weeks of beta alanine supplementation, they ingested either maltodextrin or sodium bicarbonate before the cycling test. Results showed that 4 weeks of beta alanine supplementation allowed subjects to exercise for about 17 seconds longer when they ingested maltodextrin and 23 seconds longer when they ingested sodium bicarbonate. In all, four weeks of beta alanine supplementation increased performance by about 15%.  

To postpone mental fatigue, Alpha Fury contains a number of focus and intensity support compounds. Glucuronolactone is a derivative of the metabolism of glucose that is believed to have stimulatory effects on motor and cognitive performance. Huperzine A has been linked to support of cognitive function and focus by way of its ability to potentiate neurotransmitter activity (specifically acetylcholine, which helps to transfer impulses across the synapses from neuron to neuron in the brain). Alpha Fury also contains a 300 mg dose of caffeine, well known for both its stimulant effect and its reduction in the perception of pain during high-intensity exercise.

Advanced Carb Complex
for Insulin Potentiation

Finally, beware the "crash" common with pre-workout supplements that contain mega-doses of simple sugars! Alpha Fury contains a waxy maize technology which manifests a more optimal, slower, "time-released" glucose profile to avoid the spike and crash phenomena and extend maintenance of blood glucose. Waxy maize is an ideal energy potentiator for when you're looking to go the distance.

Prime the Pump in a Whole
New Way With Alpha Fury!

If your current outmoded pre-workout pump complex/performance support supplement is letting you down (or you're not taking a pre-workout product at all), you owe it to yourself to step up to Alpha Fury. Experience truly outrageous muscle pumps and the most incredibly productive workouts imaginable with Alpha Fury, the ultimate muscle-enhancing performance optimizer!

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