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Research Update

Advanced form of whey hydrolysate supports glycogen replacement
and enhanced muscle recovery via sugar-independent mechanism of action

Over the past couple of decades very few supplements have received as much scientific attention and peer reviewed support as whey protein. Over the years whey has been unequivocally shown to increase anabolism/protein synthesis, decrease body fat, decrease catabolism, and support the immune system and hormone production. As a result, with proper whey supplementation, one can expect quicker and more complete recovery between exercise bouts, resulting in greater gains in shorter time. It must be noted that ongoing research on whey protein has led to some of the most innovative and effective protein supplements ever offered.

A relatively recent study has shown that a novel form of whey protein hydrolysate (WPH), called Optipep, acts as a potent sugar-independent insulin secretagogue (i.e., a substance that promotes augmented insulin release without sugars). In this study, conducted at the University of Limerick (Ireland), 16 healthy males experienced a 28% greater increase in plasma insulin concentration when they ingested Optipep vs. high quality whey protein isolate (WPI).  As well, the Optipep group also had sustained insulin release compared to the WPI group, resulting in a 43% increase in overall insulin release.

Why is this important for bodybuilders and athletes?

Insulin is one of the most highly anabolic hormones in the body, especially when it is elevated after training. For years, bodybuilders and strength athletes have consumed fast sugars immediately after training to augment the anabolic insulin response. As well, high insulin levels after training replace lost muscle glycogen to speed recovery. The observation that Optipep WPH augments insulin response independent of sugar intake makes this an ideal post-workout anabolic protein source. Based on this research you should seek products that include Optipep WPH in its formula.

MyoZene from BioQuest is one such product, in addition to Optipep WPH as its backbone, it contains a number of science-backed ingredients to synergistically drive anabolism. For example, to further augment post-exercise insulin response and drive glycogen into depleted muscles, the R&D team at BioQuest added a large dose of dextrose to this advanced formula. As well, MyoZene contains high concentrations of glutamine and leucine, which are well known to support protein synthesis and halt catabolism. To increase the synergistic actions of MyoZene 's formula it contains a combination of  l-carnitine and l-tartrate (LCLT). These substrates are noted not only for their positive effect on lipolysis, but recent research has shown that LCLT supplementation post-workout results in upregulated muscle androgen receptors, testosterone uptake, and enhanced LH secretion. Finally, MyoZene contains a rich supply of essential vitamins needed to support immune system function. 

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