Research Brief: Green Tea and Caffeine Aid Weight Loss
Several lines of evidence point to green tea as a potential aid to help people lose weight.
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Studies have shown the catechins in green tea have important effects on raising metabolism and increasing pathways favoring fat oxidation.

A number of randomized controlled trials in people have been published in recent years. Results from 15 of these studies were combined in a meta-analysis to determine in a more robust manner whether green tea catechins and caffeine enhance weight loss. Collectively, these studies represented 1243 people that were studied from 8 to 24 weeks. The results showed that green tea catechins with caffeine was associated with a significantly greater weight loss when compared to a control group taking caffeine. The average difference in weight loss was about 3 pounds.

These findings provide convincing evidence that green tea catechins can assist people achieve greater weight loss. The dosages studied in this analysis were in the range of 576-714 mg per day of catechins. Consider making green tea a staple in your diet to help manage your weight and improve your health.


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