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Reductions in Oxidative Stress After Damaging Exercise When Using Fish Oil

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It has long been recommended for people to increase their intake of cold-water fish or to supplement with fish oils for improvements in immune function, muscle recovery and general parameters of one's health. A study titled, "Fish Oil Supplementation Reduces Markers of Oxidative Stress But Not Muscle Soreness After Eccentric Exercise" was published in a recent issue of the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism (Gray, Chappell et al. 2014).

In this study, two groups of twenty males supplemented for 6 weeks with either a placebo or fish oils before completing an intense workout bout that consisted of 200 eccentric knee extensions. For three days after completion of the exercise bout, study participants provided blood samples that assessed changes in oxidative stress and muscle damage along with changes in soreness and maximal force production. In response to fish oil supplementation, selected markers of oxidative stress were found to be improved while minimal impact was seen on changes in muscle damage, soreness and force production. The authors concluded that fish oil supplementation was able to reduce selected markers of oxidative stress after a single bout of damaging, eccentric muscle contractions.

Gray, P., A. Chappell, A. M. Jenkinson, F. Thies and S. R. Gray (2014). "Fish oil supplementation reduces markers of oxidative stress but not muscle soreness after eccentric exercise." Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab 24(2): 206-214.