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Rampage and Jay White Just Do It
Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Xtreme Couture"s Jay White just spent a few days in Los Angeles filming a commercial for Nike titled "Human Chain" and while the details of the commercial have not been released, White says it"s a really cool concept.

Rampage is very well known, of course, being the UFC Light heavyweight champion, but White has not spent as much time in the limelight. White has a strong reputation in the MMA community for being very big, very strong, and having uncanny speed and mobility combined with skill. Randy Couture brought him to Las Vegas to help him prepare for his return to the UFC in 2007 and White has been invited to the training camps of other top named fighters including Cheick Kongo to improve their ground game and overall ability as MMA fighters.

White, who trains and fights out of Extreme Couture MMA in Las Vegas, was chosen for the Nike commercial for his physique and overall appearance.