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PS for Athletes: Phosphatidylserine Emerges as a Wonder Nutrient for Protecting Mass Gains and Sharpening Focus
Our supplementation needs are rather straightforward; to improve the quality of our lives by shoring-up weaknesses from diet and furthermore augmenting strategically important nutrients that might otherwise be difficult to obtain through normal diet. That, of course, is quite the "shopping list" of needs, yet I think it helps in deciding on goals of supplementation and leads you into understanding why phosphatidylserine is so important. As you consider two streams of interests, athletic and general overall health, you'll understand why PS reigns supreme in both categories.

From an athletic standpoint, much of the training talk is exercise protocols and the like. Great focus is spent on "active" training sessions, yet for experienced coaches, the secret ingredient is quite possibly in regeneration work. How we train to improve recovery is quite easily the balance of the work-week, whether it is through "active recovery" work with General Physical Preparation or sub-maximal training runs. Off the practice fields and out of the weight rooms, diet concerns have become possibly the biggest road-block for coaches as without the proper diet approach our work will fall short. However due to nutrient loss in some food sources and the needs of the athlete, proper supplementation is an absolute must. Sitting first on my list of five "supplement musts" is phosphatidylserine.

It has been shown that PS will increase the rate of recovery as well as prevent muscle soreness, thus greatly improving the rate of return in training and the actual amount of training that an individual (or team) can perform. While this cannot be understated given their importance possibly the biggest aspect of PS use that corresponds to the general population is how is known to improve levels of concentration and reducing stress that are massive issues within sport. An athlete who performs with less stress and greater concentration is well on the way to success and combined with the physical benefits, phosphatidylserine is a hands down a necessity for athletes.

For the general mainstream, the use of PS cannot be understated for its impact upon cognitive abilities. The impact upon cognitive issues have been nothing short of extraordinary as it has been shown to improve memory and overall mood and many have coined it an "anti-aging" supplement. I have been working of late with a Chess Master and it has shown a tremendous benefit in maintaining his incredible memory and tactical sharpness. The role of PS is crucial in the brain function and has been linked to delaying memory loss by improving overall efficiency of the neural transmitters. Interestingly enough, as we consider this role and its impact on suppressing cortisol secretion and how it will serve to enhance mood, we've also tapped into one of the simplest supplement methods to alleviate the circuitous problem of stress-related weight gain and middle-age. For the uninitiated, increased stress and the secretion of cortisol will result in increased fat gain but of course for those who are stressed about adding weight, the problem is now complicated because they are further stressed. This circuitous problem is not an easy one to clean up but PS might be the easiest and most straight-forward start anyone can make.

vectron protein powder weight loss Unfortunately the ease of attaining phosphatidylserine through diet isn't very basic as it found primarily through fish and meat sources, particularly in organs such as in the kidney and liver as well as the brain. Beyond the epicurean issues, with levels of mercury in many fish products becoming very problematic, supplementation with posphatidylserine is the best road to take. It is helpful to keep in mind here that truly effective PS supplements are few and far between. ProSource's own Ultra PS Golda unique conjugated phospholipid complex consisting of phosphatidylserine (PS) from soy and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) from omega-3 fish oil. Each serving is standardized for a minimum of 45% phosphatidylserine (100 mg) and 8% DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) (17.75 mg).

I hope that clears up any doubts on why you should make phosphatidylserine part of your supplement choices.