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Water loss due to sweating after exercise can compromise recovery. Therefore, adequate fluid intake is important.  The composition of the fluid after exercise has been shown to be important in retaining the fluid. However, the role of protein in the recovery fluid has not been adequately studied.
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Given the positive effects of adding protein to a recovery beverage on promoting protein synthesis after exercise, it is important to determine the effects on rehydrating as well. Researchers in the United Kingdom had healthy men participate in two exercise trials in the heat. Subjects lost approximately 2% of their body weight. During the first hour of recovery they were provided fluid that contained either 65 grams of carbohydrate or 40 grams carbohydrate with 25 grams milk protein. Urine output was slightly greater over 4 hours of recovery during the carbohydrate only trial, and whole body net fluid balance was significantly greater during the protein trial at 3 and 4 hours after exercise. These results indicate that gram for gram milk protein has a greater fluid retention effect than carbohydrate. Thus, adding protein to a carbohydrate beverage during recovery improves rehydration in addition to other established benefits such as promoting a more anabolic environment for recovery. 
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