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ProSource Takes The 2006 Olympia Expo By Storm!
The premier event on the bodybuilding calendar has just concluded, and the ProSource team is still coming down from a massive adrenaline-driven high. As always, Joe Weider's Olympia Weekend (held at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas) was the ultimate showcase for every champion bodybuilder and up-and-coming contender, as well as a prime-time promotional opportunity for the many equipment, supplement, and media enterprises dedicated to this swiftly expanding sport. With so many competing companies clamoring for attention at the accompanying Olympia Expo (held in the Las Vegas Convention Center), it can be hard to make an impression. At ProSource, however, we let our products do the talking. So, as you might imagine, the ProSource booth has garnered a reputation as a must-see destination for bodybuilders, fans, our friends at other companies, and, of course, our loyal customers. This year, copies of our latest ProSource catalog, known industrywide as Bodybuilding's #1 Performance Nutrition Guide, were being snapped up as fast as we could open the boxes. Interest in ProSource's state-of-the-art test booster, AndroTest, was very high as well, with ecstatic word-of-mouth praise making the rounds of the hall from those athletes who've already experienced AndroTest's high-performance T-boosting power. ProSource's Supreme Protein Rocks the Expo Probably the biggest splash of all, however, was made by the newly reformulated Supreme Protein bar. We knew in advance, from previous customer feedback, that the response to bodybuilding's first quadruple-layer, protein-packed treat was going to be immense. But the uproar still caught us by surprise. We brought literally hundreds of boxes of Supreme Protein bars to the hall and we still ran out in record time. People were so delighted by Supreme Protein's sweet, creamy taste (and simultaneously impressed with its high-quality protein content) that they were cellphoning Supreme Protein orders back to our New Jersey headquarters, right from our booth. Needless to say, it was standing room only on both Friday and Saturday, at the ProSource Expo booth. Next time, we all agreed, we're bringing more bars even if we have to tractor-trailer them across the country ourselves! All in all, good times were had, as always, at Joe Weider's crown jewel exposition. They don't call it "The Greatest Physique Show on Earth" for nothing. Hello again to all the loyal ProSource customers we met at the event ... and we'll see you next year at the Olympia!

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