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These are very exciting times for us here at ProSource. The launch of our breakthrough ProSource Bar, the most highly anticipated new product introduction in the protein bar category in several years, is really taking off now as bars are appearing in convenience stores, gyms, and health food shops across the country.  

Meanwhile, the response we’re getting from fitness-conscious people who are trying our bar for the first time has just been phenomenal. Long-established ProSource customers and countless people new to the ProSource brand have been ecstatic about the ProSource Bar’s delicious taste and super-premium protein blend. We’re humbled to see such tremendous customer satisfaction.

We’re also especially gratified when the experts in our field recognize the achievement that the ProSource Bar represents. Well-credentialed authorities who know their nutrition aren’t often inclined to rave about new products without careful consideration and debate. And yet, their response to the ProSource Bar has been unprecedented in its enthusiasm.

The Editors of Muscle & Fitness Have Spoken!

The first major publication to weigh in on the superiority of the ProSource Bar is Muscle & Fitness magazine. In bestowing their coveted Editor’s Choice Award, the editors at Muscle & Fitness focused first on a criteria they know all too well: protein quality. 

They recognized swiftly that the protein blend contained in the ProSource Bar is based on our flagship protein formula NytroWhey. “The ProSource Bar,” they said, “effectively take[s] the legendary NytroWhey protein formula and adapt[s] it into bar form … The ProSource bar somehow manages to pack 15 grams of this powerful protein blend into an incredibly light and delicious form.”

This is exactly the challenge we set for ourselves with the ProSource Bar. In a category crowded with protein bars filled with inferior whey concentrates, soy, and other useless fillers, we sought to introduce something truly revolutionary. A protein bar powered by the highest-quality hydrolyzed whey isolate and micro/ultra-filtered whey isolate proteins, formulated via an advanced process that would make it highly bioavailable in bar form.

It was a test we passed with flying colors, as the editors of M&F went on to note. “Whether it’s used as a high-protein snack or a true replacement for protein powders and shaker cups,” they say, “the ProSource Bar makes it easier than ever to properly support muscle growth and recovery.”

A Major Breakthrough in Protein Bar Flavor and Texture

Protein quality is just half the story of the ProSource Bar. Fitness-minded people recognize the value of superior proteins and wholesome ingredients, but they’re also not willing to compromise on taste. Here again, as the M&F editors observe, the ProSource Bar really shines. “The ProSource Bar … has a taste and consistency that you’d expect to find in a candy bar rather than a protein bar. The bar’s wafer base creates an incredibly light and airy texture that is complemented by the flavor of its high-protein cream filling.”

How did we achieve this high new standard for flavor? By simply refusing to cut corners with substandard ingredients, like so many of our competitors. That’s why ProSource Bars contain absolutely none of the indigestible sugar alcohols, useless bulk fiber content or cheap fillers so common in other bars. And the superior proteins found in the ProSource Bar don’t just support muscle tissue to a higher degree. They also have a clean taste and smooth texture with none of the unpleasant after-taste you encounter in other bars. 

All in all, the M&F editors were effusive in their praise. The ProSource Bar is a new and better kind of protein bar, and we’re proud to see how quick they’ve been to recognize that fact. Thank you, Muscle & Fitness!

Experience the Unprecedented Protein Quality and 
Flavor of the Award-Winning ProSource Bar

Isn’t it time you found out what has all the experts so excited? As we’ve said, the ProSource Bar is appearing on store shelves across the country, including 7-Eleven and GNC franchises near you. If your favorite store doesn’t carry the ProSource Bar, be sure to ask for it! In the meantime, you can always get them here at ProSource Bars are the perfect addition to your nutritional regimen – a luscious taste sensation powered by the best proteins on Earth!