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ProSource Bar Wins Muscular Development’s First Ever Innovation in Quality Award

More good news about the ProSource Bar has arrived! We reported last month that the ProSource Bar had earned a prestigious Editor’s Choice Award from Muscle & Fitness magazine, citing the ProSource Bar’s combination of superior protein quality and delicious flavor. And now, another high-profile award has been bestowed upon the ProSource Bar.

The editors of Muscular Development magazine were so impressed with the flavor and formulation breakthrough that the ProSource Bar represents that they created an entirely new award, the Innovation in Quality Award, to cite the achievement. In the words of the MD editors, “it’s a distinction that comes well earned because the research and development team at ProSource has made a protein bar powered by the world’s best proteins, and they’ve made it taste absolutely fantastic.”

The ProSource Bar Redefines
How Good a Protein Bar Can Taste

In recent years, the flavor and texture of protein bars have improved considerably, and yet the best of these bars are still heavy, chewy, and bland, with far too many calories and far too many dubious ingredients. It was into this sorry state of affairs that the ProSource Bar arrived like an exciting leap forward in every respect.

Fitness-conscious people value superior nutrition, but they’re not going to compromise on flavor to get it. The ProSource bar has emerged as a revelation to these discriminating consumers and to the editors of Muscular Development as well. “You really have to taste one of these bars to experience how unbelievably good they are,” they write. “Bite into one and you get that delightful snap of crispy protein wafers, plus the savoriness of the ProSource Bar’s luscious, creamy filling. The proteins in the ProSource Bar have a clean taste and smooth, even texture you’re going to love.”

Delicious Flavor Begins With the Highest-Quality Proteins

Sourcing the ProSource Bar from the world’s best proteins is a win-win situation. On the one hand, the highest-quality proteins just taste better. On the other, the ProSource Bar’s highly bioavailable hydrolyzed whey and cold-processed, micro/ultrafiltered whey isolate pack a powerful protein punch that rivals the protein content found in the most advanced powdered protein supplements. MD’s editors give it the highest compliment, saying “the research and development that made ProSource’s legendary NytroWhey line of protein formulas the industry gold standard influences every aspect of the ProSource Bar.” This is real, precision-targeted, muscle-supporting nutrition that’s easy to carry around and eat whenever cravings strike.

A Commitment to Excellence Reflected in
the Most Nutritious, Wholesome Ingredients

There’s a reason old-school protein bars slow you down and make you feel uncomfortable. They’re filled with inferior whey concentrate and soy that do little to support muscle tissue and simply don’t taste very good. They’re packed with indigestible fiber that bulk up the bars and jack up their carb counts. And they include a laundry list of sugar alcohols and mystery binders and preservatives that are present to help manufacturers cut costs, not help you achieve your physique and performance goals.

The ProSource Bar contain absolutely none of these needless, counterproductive ingredients. The ProSource Bar’s recipe is based on a philosophy of wholesome, nutritious ingredients that are easily identifiable and fully satisfying.

Try One and See For Yourself!

ProSource Bars truly are the best of both worlds. As the MD editors conclude, “ProSource Bars are a treat you’ll make time for. And every time you eat one, you can rest easy knowing that you’re feeding your muscles the highest-quality nutritional support ever made available in a protein bar.”

That’s high praise, but you don’t have to take their word for it. The ProSource Bar is fast appearing in stores near you, including select 7-Eleven® stores, GNC stores, and is available via two-day Amazon Prime. You can also get them directly through us here at Taste one yourself and discover just how delicious superior nutrition can be!