Over the past few decades, it would appear that the original pillars American business and manufacturing were built upon have been in sharp decline. Where many companies once valued quality and service above all else, they now focus first and foremost on profits and costs. By producing inferior products at much lower costs, these companies have created an environment in which it is difficult for others to market high-quality products at competitive prices.

Since being founded in 1996, ProSource has been in a unique position to buck this trend. Shortly before the advent of the Internet, ProSource began as one of the supplement industry's many mail-order catalog companies. It was in this early stage that we first set ourselves apart from the competition by making use of our unique Direct-to-Consumer business model. By offering our own ProSource brand supplements exclusively through our catalog, we were able to cut out the middle-men and formulate our products with the highest quality ingredients available, and the optimal potencies, while also maintaining the most competitive prices. This business model also allowed us to offer other brand supplements at super low prices by buying direct in large volume and eliminating a layer of middlemen. This concept rapidly turned us from a small supplement distributor into one of the nation's leading online superstores, and remains the core foundation that our business is built around to this day.

ProSource NytroWheyOur ultra-premium ProSource brand sports supplements are nationally renowned for their superior purity, potency and high level of efficacy.

While the quality and effectiveness of our products remains our primary focus, it is far from the only aspect of our business that we pride ourselves on. Another example of ProSource's innovation is the Buyer's Guide/Product Catalog that we produce twice each year. Nowhere else in the industry will you find anything that even compares to the ProSource catalog in terms of the amount and quality of content. Our supplement articles are researched and written by some of the nation's leading experts including Ph.D's from major universities so that you can be certain of getting truly accurate and cutting-edge information. 

In contrast, our competitors provide little to no meaningful product editorials or reviews, and the ones that do frequently use novice writers with little to no credentials. We also separate ourselves from the competition in other key aspects, from our pricing to selection to customer service, not to mention the best shipping policies and one of the most intuitive websites on the Internet. Our goal here at ProSource is not only to deliver the highest quality products at the best prices, but also to provide consumers with the most complete and detailed reference guides that serve to distinguish less than reputable products and companies from the top quality brands and help take the guesswork out of your decision-making process.

The Highest Quality Performance Supplements on the Market

Some people might argue that quality has become less relevant in today's economy, with prices becoming the major focal point for most businesses and consumers. We believe, however, that quality has never been more relevant than it is today. In our industry, quality means the difference between a product that exceeds all expectations in terms of efficacy, and a product that acts as little more than a placebo. It also means the difference between something that you would want to put into your body and something you wouldn't. Based on the products they continue to put out, it's obvious too many companies have embraced the notion that quality no longer holds much weight with today's consumers. We like to think that we've definitely proven them wrong through the overwhelming success of both our premium-quality ProSource and BioQuest brands.

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Buy NytroWhey Protein on Sale
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One obvious illustration of our commitment to quality here at ProSource can be found in our NytroWhey products. As the central supplement of any bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast, protein powders can have a significant effect on the type of results that are achieved. While many companies use protein that is of such poor quality that it's often already been rejected by other quality control departments, we produce our NytroWhey formulas using only American made whey isolate proteins from Glanbia Nutrition. These are precision manufactured using a sophisticated and expensive cross-flow microfiltration processing method which results in a much higher purity level and most importantly leaves whey protein's native growth factors entirely intact for maximum anabolic efficacy.  In contrast, many of the top selling whey protein products use ion-exchange processing which destroys some of the most important components of the protein. Glanbia is widely regarded as the world's premier protein manufacturer. Our Direct-to-Consumer approach allows us to source our ingredients from top-tier manufacturers like Glanbia and others, while still enabling us to provide the best prices, which is something that other brands simply can't afford to do.

Using superior ingredients in our products wouldn't mean much if we didn't also use them in superior potencies. Certainly, we're not the only company out there using high-grade ingredients, but we are one of the few to formulate our products exclusively using these types of raw materials. Other brands may contain similar ingredients to those that we use in our products, but what they fail to advertise is that they contain almost negligible amounts of these key ingredients, and as a result, are significantly less potent. It should come as no surprise that combining poor potencies of even high quality ingredients with large amounts of fillers doesn't lead to results. Every product sold under the BioQuest and ProSource brands contains only the most ideal potencies of every ingredient. Our rare combination of quality and potency is what makes our products more effective, and separates us from the rest of the pack. And we have the evidence to back it up.

In our quest for perfection in every facet of our business we even utilize our own special climate controlled trucks for transport of our products to ensure the absolute highest level of freshness and potency.  This is the kind of difference-making detail that few if any of our competitors employ.

Buy Zycor Fat Burner on Sale
Buy Zycor Fat Burner on Sale
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Every company out there claims that their product will deliver results, but only a few can actually back up these claims with any kind of real evidence, and fewer still can cite the types of clinical studies and product testing that we provide for nearly all of our products. For example, the main compound in our number-one selling diet supplement Zycor, delivers extraordinary results that have been validated by not one, but two preliminary, randomized, double blind, placebo controlled studies. Whether it applies to Zycor or the spectacular gains in strength offered by our signature mass-builder MyoZene, or the unprecedented testosterone enhancement that can be achieved from AndroTest, we use the most accurate and comprehensive scientific data in the industry to support the efficacy of our key products and their ingredients.  The existence of this type of evidence is largely made possible by the intense research and development process carried out by our team for each new product that we produce. It's practices like these that make our own lengthy and rigorous R&D and product-testing efforts really stand out, and the difference is clear in the end result.

The Ultimate Supplement Buyer's Guide

Although we consider ourselves first and foremost a producer of ultra-premium-grade supplements, some people may be more familiar with ProSource as the creators of the industry's definitive Buyer's Guides. In a market that's saturated with inferior products and brands, our bi-annual Buyer's Guides have acted as indispensable tools for countless numbers of supplement shoppers around the nation for over 16 years. The fact that the ProSource catalog is more popular today than ever, even as so many traditional print catalogs are failing due to online competition, serves as a testament to the quality and value of its content. There aren't too many sources out there in which you can find hundreds of detailed supplement reviews, advice from the industry's top experts, and insight from some of pro sports and Hollywood's biggest stars, all in one place.

Our product development protocols are the most stringent in the industry. We utilize state-of-the-art laboratory procedures, Ph.D. analytical technicians and certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) to guarantee optimum quality and efficacy for every product that proudly displays the ProSource brand.

The supplement reviews featured in each of our Buyer's Guides are authored by highly qualified experts, many of whom are, or have been, bodybuilders themselves. Many of the industry's top products over the years have been launched through the ProSource Buyer's Guide, with our reviews often setting the stage for their success. The value of our product descriptions and reviews is further enhanced when you consider that most of our competitors are simply copying this information directly from the products' manufacturers rather than researching and writing it themselves. Detailed and reliable product reviews are becoming increasingly more difficult to find, which is why we devote so much time to maintaining the integrity of ours.

Our articles and research updates easily rival and surpass those found in most bodybuilding and fitness magazines. Written by some of the most highly credentialed experts the industry has to offer, the articles featured in our catalogs have covered everything from the research behind new ingredients to the values of different forms of protein. Almost every science based article we publish is written by a PhD writer with years of experience in the nutrition and sports science fields, which is something that most of the top bodybuilding publications can't say. It's factors such as this that have helped our research updates and product articles become the most trusted source for information on the industry's most cutting edge developments.

Everyone aspires to achieve that ultimate physique, and the ProSource Buyer's Guide is the only place out there in which you can learn all of the training and supplementation secrets of the biggest stars and then purchase the supplements they use at the lowest prices. Celebrities that have graced the pages of past ProSource catalogs include 4-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, legendary actor Sylvester Stallone, future Hall of Fame wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, former All-Pro running back Brian Westbrook, and of course Hollywood superstar Mark Wahlberg, just to name a few. Athletes and movie stars like these use the ProSource catalog as a forum to share their advice on everything from diet and nutrition programs to workout techniques and supplement choices. While there are no true shortcuts to achieving the kinds of ideal physiques of these big name stars, the ProSource Buyer's Guide might be the closest thing to one by providing convenient access to all of the information and resources necessary to reach these kinds of physique enhancement goals.

The Most Intuitive Online Experience in the Industry

Despite the tremendous amount of time and effort that we put into publishing our Buyer's Guide, we make sure not to divert any attention from maintaining the highest standard of quality for our online supersite, Our website contains most of the same great information featured in our catalogs, but with the added advantages of being constantly updated with new content and pricing discounts, as well as being instantly accessible to anyone with a computer or smartphone. Every part of our site has been designed to provide visitors with the greatest amount of information possible while also maintaining an interface that is extremely easy to navigate and interact with. In terms of content, you'll find literally hundreds of articles on nearly every fitness related subject you could imagine, along with thousands of detailed product descriptions and reviews.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of our website is the access it provides to massive discounts on all the top brands. Even though we already maintain the lowest prices in the industry to start with, is updated on a daily basis with deals that offer prices that are so low that we're not even allowed to advertise them. Every day we choose one top-selling product to feature as our Deal of the Day at a highly discounted price, and we do the same at the start of each month for our Deal of the Month feature. In addition to unprecedented discounts such as these, we offer dozens of other promotions on a large selection of products, as well as free samples with every order. When you consider the fact that we also offer free gifts such as t-shirts and shaker cups with orders over a certain size, there really is no better value to be found anywhere on the web. Plus, with the recent addition of our mobile site for smartphones to our online network, purchasing supplements online has never been so easy and convenient.

An Unprecedented Commitment to Customer Service

Customer service is something that, along with manufacturing standards, has suffered in recent years as companies look to cut costs. It's clear after one call to our ProSource sales representatives that we've cut no corners in this area. While it is true that many consumers today prefer to go online to make their purchases, a reasonable percentage of the population remains who still like to speak to customer reps who are able to answer your questions and make suggestions regarding product choices. Our phone representatives have extensive industry experience, allowing them to answer even the most difficult questions. For added convenience, our phone reps are available to take orders and answer questions for extended night hours that go long past typical schedules.

Our friendly and knowledgeable phone representatives, some of whom are bodybuilders themselves, are available 7 days a week to answer any questions and to fill
your orders.

As costs go up, shipping has become a major issue for many online retailers. Some companies have responded by simply passing additional shipping costs onto their customers by either charging more for shipping or adding the cost to the prices of their products, while others have turned to slower and less reliable shipping methods to solve this problem. Our response to this issue here at ProSource has been simple; we haven't changed a thing. We still continue to offer the lowest prices on all of our products, and we still charge the lowest flat rate shipping fee in the industry, while continuing to ship our orders UPS for the fastest and most dependable service. This method obviously increases our costs significantly, but we don't believe it's right to pass additional costs onto our customers unless it's absolutely necessary. In addition to charging the lowest UPS shipping rate in the industry, we also offer free shipping on any order over $200.

Where other companies ship their products from distribution centers that they rarely ever see, all of our orders ship directly from our own, state-of-the-art, climate-controlled warehouse. We constantly rotate our inventory to ensure that we always have the freshest products in stock, and most orders placed before 3pm ship the same day that you place them. UPS provides the most detailed and up-to-date tracking information on all packages once shipped, with reliable delivery estimates. Because no other company in the industry comes close to our customer services, the added value here at ProSource becomes remarkably clear.

Our massive climate-controlled, super-clean warehouse and shipping facility houses thousands of products and is staffed by a highly efficient team to ensure every order
meets your ultimate satisfaction.


In this difficult economy and ever-changing market, it hasn't always been easy to maintain the high standards of quality that we've set for ourselves in every aspect of our business. Over the past 16 years we've weathered everything from economic recessions to devastating storms like, most recently, Hurricane Sandy. We've also had to adapt to technological changes over the years such as the rapid development of new Internet technologies, and the changes in purchasing methods and behaviors they've brought with them. It's because of these types of factors that so many companies today have lost sight of the values that really matter to the customer.

While our company has evolved in many ways over the years, we've always remained 100% committed to the same principles that we started with since Day One! It's our dedication to quality, value and customer service that has led to our enduring success, while so many other companies have failed by compromising these values. These business strategies have served both our company and our customers extremely well for the last 16 years, and we are more committed than ever to maintaining our position as America's #1 source for premium supplements at super low prices for decades to come.

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