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Peerless Proteins

Peerless Proteins

The World’s Finest Physiques Are
Fueled By ProSource Brand Proteins

For two decades, ProSource has been the supplement brand serious bodybuilders have turned to when nothing less than the ultimate physique and maximized performance will do. ProSource led the way when our industry was in its infancy (pioneering many technological breakthroughs along the way) and it remains on the cutting edge of sports nutrition science today. And nowhere has this impact been more profound than in the field of protein product development, formulation, and manufacturing.

The Modern Evolution of Protein Science
Begins with the Introduction of NytroWhey®

Believe it or not, there was a time not so long ago when manufacturing experts did not believe that a pure, good-tasting, top-grade 100% whey protein isolate could be achieved. Flavor was a big issue, and so was maintaining the integrity of the muscle-supporting aminos in whey. We at ProSource knew, however, that whey isolate offered many advantages to bodybuilders. It contains 90%-95% bioavailable protein content, for instance, and very low levels of lactose and fat, which makes it easier to digest. The challenge was to process and formulate raw whey in such a manner as to preserve its elusive and invaluable protein microfractions.

Challenge accepted! The result of ProSource's product development efforts was the original NytroWhey, the first 100% whey isolate formula processed via a superior cross-flow microfiltration method ideal at preserving the alphalactalbumin, lactoferrin, and glycomacropeptides that are essential catalysts for enhancing bioavailability, and boosting growth and recovery. The difference between NytroWhey and the widely available ion-exchange and acid-treated wheys was like night and day. It even tasted far superior to competing proteins, by virtue of an advanced flavoring system that delivered gourmet-quality texture and deliciousness.

Virtually every bodybuilder who tried NytroWhey became an enthusiastic and vocal convert to this revolutionary new supplement. Almost twenty years later, original NytroWhey continues to be the protein of choice for a substantial number of hardcore bodybuilders, making it far and away one of the most enduring and popular bodybuilding supplements in existence.

“NytroWhey is smart quality nutrition. Easy to use, clean and valid. Nutrient timing and the smart use of products like NytroWhey after training is one of the most well-known methods to induce hypertrophy.”

Doug Kalman, PhD

In the intervening years, ProSource grew exponentially, adding to its always-growing line of super-premium products and solidifying its status as the elite brand for the highest-level competitive bodybuilders. ProSource also continued its extensive research and investigation into protein sourcing and formulation, with an emphasis on increasing the speed of amino delivery to muscle cells and increasing anabolic activity once that muscle fuel had reached its destination. Those research efforts set the stage for the next great leap in bodybuilding science.

NytroWhey® Ultra Elite Establishes a New
Gold Standard for Extreme Muscle Growth

Whey isolate continues to be an essential staple of the bodybuilder’s daily dietary regimen. It provides fast and ongoing delivery of key growth-supporting aminos to muscle tissue. The whey protein isolate that would establish the foundation of ProSource’s new protein technology is the ultimate premium-grade CFM whey isolate, called Provon®, which swiftly delivers a full spectrum of superior protein content to your muscles.

But new research indicated that damaging catabolism (the process by which the body breaks down muscle tissue for fuel) begins much more quickly than had been previously anticipated. Catabolism, once engaged, is difficult to shut down, and undermines the body’s capacity for growth. While whey isolate is crucial for ongoing muscle support and repair, a more rapid-delivery source of aminos was required to stave off this counter-productive catabolism. The solution was the highest grade of whey protein hydrolysate ever achieved.

“Being a competitive bodybuilder for the past 25 years, as well as an active research scientist, makes me a tough customer. When it comes to choosing a protein supplement, I have several criteria that must be met. First, it must contain the absolute highest quality whey protein isolate. Second, it must be fortified with leucine (for additional anabolic activation). Finally, it must not contain fillers and protein spiking agents that make it look better on paper than it actually is. NytroWhey Ultra Elite passes all these tests with flying colors. Beyond being one of the top quality products in its category, it mixes and tastes better than its closest competitors. Together, this makes NytroWhey Ultra Elite my go-to protein powder.”

Dwayne Jackson, PhD

Whey protein hydrolysate is the fastest absorbed protein product available, resulting in the greatest increase in circulating amino acids over a two-hour window compared to other protein sources. This feature allows you to immediately take advantage of the post-exercise anabolic environment and truly maximize muscle growth. Post-workout protein hydrolysate ingestion also increases highly anabolic insulin. Insulin secretion is vitally important to maximizing the transport of amino acids to muscle tissue.

The whey protein hydrolysate incorporated into what was to become ProSource’s NytroWhey® Ultra Elite product is TherMAX®, a rapid action amino source that provides instantaneous aminoacidemia (flooding of amino acids into the blood) upon ingestion, all the while maintaining blood amino acid levels for hours. Unlike most hydrolysates that are derived from inferior proteins, TherMAX® starts with premium quality whey isolate (Provon®) and is then further micro-processed to yield extremely low-molecular-weight di- and tri-peptides for immediate amino absorption and assimilation by the body. ProSource’s research team has carefully calibrated the ratio of whey protein isolate to whey hydrolysate to take advantage of the different amino acid absorption kinetics of each, thus ensuring maximized blood amino acid levels over both the short term and the long term.

Ongoing Research Ensures That ProSource
Products Continue to Evolve and Improve Over Time

ProSource could easily have introduced this version of NytroWhey Ultra Elite, with its two dynamic, cutting-edge protein technologies, and revolutionized the category. But another area of protein research was also yielding exciting new insights into the physiology of anabolism. This field of investigation involved the activity of the branched-chain amino acid leucine.

Leucine is an essential amino that functions primarily as a catalyst that flips the muscle building metabolic switch. The muscle-building effects of leucine supplementation at a molecular level are mediated through the mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1) pathway. Studies have shown that peak activation of muscle protein synthesis is proportional to the leucine content in muscle tissue. All protein formulas contain some amount of leucine, though dosages are often so low as to be all but clinically insignificant. ProSource researchers were focusing on a new leucine-bound leucine peptide technology that would greatly enhance both overall leucine content and bioavailability.

That technology, a remarkable anabolic activator with up to four times more leucine content than that contained in other whey protein products, became the final piece in the puzzle that made ProSource’s NytroWhey Ultra Elite the gold standard for bodybuilders seeking to drive extreme muscle growth and greatly enhance strength and performance. No other protein even approaches the anabolic power, purity, and precision of NytroWhey Ultra Elite’s revolutionary complex of ultra-advanced anabolic triggers, muscle-fueling super-nutrients and recovery agents.

Oh, and once again, the smooth, clean, flavorful taste and texture of NytroWhey ensured that this anabolic powerhouse was a gourmet-caliber treat athletes would look forward to enjoying throughout the day.  This attention to detail and commitment to excellence reflected in NytroWhey Ultra Elite’s protein matrix has resulted in a product favored by bodybuilders across the nation.

“NytroWhey Ultra Elite is a premium whey protein isolate that utilizes proprietary Glanbia® Nutritionals protein technology. What results is a protein product that delivers exceptional amounts of all of the essential amino acids plus a Leuvon technology that ensures the highest levels of muscle growth.”

Chad Kerksick, PhD

Premium-Quality Protein Options
For Athletes at Every Level

No company can match ProSource’s expertise and experience when it comes to researching, formulating, manufacturing, and retailing protein supplements. And yet, not all of that investigation and effort is devoted solely to cutting-edge, ultra-advanced supplementation for world-class athletes. Here at ProSource, we know that a significant majority of our loyal customers are fitness-conscious people equally serious about their nutrition and their budget.

For those people, our mission is to deliver the utmost possible nutritional value at a price that makes consummate sense as well. The result is our latest product innovation, Precision Whey Protein.

It is no secret that many of our competitors have long sought to reduce costs and maximize profits by cutting corners on ingredient quality. These unscrupulous practices can take the form of topping off jugs with soy protein (sometimes linked to hormonal irregularities and decreased mineral absorption and utilization) and even lesser fillers and gelatins. They can manifest themselves in the form of dishonest labeling or “protein spiking,” a more sophisticated practice that entails measuring the nitrogen content of lesser ingredients (such as glycine, taurine, low-quality creatine, or even the simple sugar maltodextrin) and using that deceptive figure to stand in for whey protein content.

Here at ProSource, we guarantee that every product we manufacture and retail contains every microgram of pure, unadulterated protein content cited on its label. Our Precision Whey Protein product serves as an excellent example of that commitment to honesty, integrity, and excellence. Precision Whey Protein delivers exactly what it promises – 25 grams per serving of high-quality whey protein, derived via sophisticated microfiltration methods to ensure maximized ingredient integrity and anabolic power.

Precision Whey Protein is low in sugar and saturated fat, and contains no fillers or unproven blends found in many of today’s competing products. Its superior biological value makes an ideal protein source that can be used anytime of the day to keep your anabolic drive high and promote fat loss, regardless of your fitness level. Best of all, it’s available to athletes at a price that fits within any serious athlete’s budget.

The Cost-Cutting Power of ProSource’s
Direct-to-Consumer Merchandising Model

We’ve talked quite a bit about the research and development efforts that have made ProSource legendary in the industry. But we would be remiss if we didn't also explain the visionary marketing strategies that have enabled us to provide maximum ingredient quality and technological superiority while also keeping prices low for our legions of loyal customers.

At ProSource, we’ve always kept our marketing model as simple as possible. We purchase raw materials in enormous bulk quantities to take advantage of volume savings, use our vast buying power in the industry to negotiate even better prices, and we cut out every added expense that serves to inflate the retail prices of our competitors.

In short, we manufacture our own premium-quality supplements, store them in our own warehouse, process orders directly from our customers, and ship those orders ourselves quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. At no juncture of this process will you find third-party partners adding extraneous mark-ups to our bottom line. That means no celebrity endorsements, media buys, or promotional stunts. You also won’t find ProSource products in retail stores, where more than half the price you’re paying for well-hyped supplements is going directly to retailer and distributor mark-ups.

These marketing and distribution efficiencies alone put ProSource in the unique position of being able to utilize only the highest grade ingredients and most potent dosages, something a mass market competitor simply can’t afford to do.

Twenty Years of Building Trust With Our Customers

So many of the companies ProSource competes with every day weren’t around two years ago, never mind twenty. And they won’t be around two years from now, either. So when you hear their promises, keep in mind that they don’t have much of a track record to back up their claims. Or much at stake if those promises prove to be false.

At ProSource, our reputation speaks for itself. We’ve been there at every key period in our industry’s history, and it was often our research and innovation that spurred the industry forward. ProSource’s legendary protein supplements -- original NytroWhey, NytroWhey Ultra Elite and now Precision Whey Protein – have helped generations of serious bodybuilders achieve their physique and performance goals while providing ultimate value for every dollar spent.

Every new ProSource customer, we believe, is a ProSource customer for life. We look forward to welcoming you to our ProSource family.

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