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Peak Health For The Holidays
ProSource's Top Ways To Stay Dedicated and Fit Through the New Year's

It's that time of year again.  You're busy, you're stressed, it's freezing outside...Yes, the Holidays are here!  For most of us this means there are gifts to buy, parties to attend, family gatherings to go to, and loads of planning to do.  So it's no wonder that more than any other month out of the year, December can be the most difficult time to stay committed to a fitness routine-even for the most avid gym rat. 

To help guide you through this demanding time, ProSource has assembled a list of beneficial strategies and product recommendations to help you stay dedicated and fit through the Holiday season.   

Plan Ahead And Prioritize

It's always easy to find excuses not to exercise no matter what the season is.  Slacking off during the holidays, however, will only leave you with more stress and ultimately more pounds in the New Year.  Therefore it is vital to acknowledge that the holidays will have an affect on your fitness routine to some extent.  Doing this allows you to plan ahead and take time out of your busier-than-normal schedule to ultimately help you stay motivated and committed to a structured routine catered specifically to your holiday schedule.  

This time of year the main objective is not necessarily to spend more time at the local gym. That's just not a realistic goal for most people.  The goal however may be to exercise in less time, while exercising extremely well in that allotted amount of time.

Be Flexible and Creative - Combine Fitness with Family

Sometimes it's literally impossible to plan ahead.  Therefore it's imperative to improvise, and be flexible when your days get busy. Instead of simply blowing off your 6 p.m. trip to the gym in favor of the office Christmas party, get up an hour early in the morning and walk or jog for a half hour or so before work. Alternatively, get in a brisk walk on your lunch hour.

Combine exercise and family commitments. For example, hauling the kids up a hill a few times can make a sledding trip as beneficial as a jog. Taking the family snowboarding, skiing, hiking/ backpacking will also provide exercise as well as quality time with the family.

Mix up your routine to avoid boredom. If you usually run four days a week, try running once, swimming once, and lifting weights twice. The novelty of the new exercise will hopefully be a stronger motivator than the need to do something else during your normal exercise time.  Create a home fitness routine for those days you just can't make it to the gym. Ball exercises are great as are crunches, pull-ups, push-ups, and many other exercises that can be done without weights or machines.

Stay Energized...And Beat the Craving for Grandma's Apple Pie!

As the majority of us know all too well, eating healthy during the holiday season is an extremely difficult task to say the least. As a matter of fact, according to a recent Weight Watchers report, the average American gains between 7-10 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day.  Foods, desserts, etc. will always be a major part of the holiday season and there is certainly nothing wrong with that in moderation.  However, because the holiday season can be such a stressful time, we need essential nutrients to help give us the energy and strength to cope with it.  There are two products in particular that can not only help give you a sustained boost of energy, they can also help in curbing the desire to over indulge and ultimately reduce body fat.


BioQuest BetaStax: BetaStax contains a proprietary matrix of ultra-bioactive, premium-grade energy factors combined with a primary weight-loss technology that has generated some of the most remarkable results ever seen. This weight-loss matrix has demonstrated an efficacy sufficient to promote clinically significant results in as early as two weeks1, as documented in the preliminary results of a brand new randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted at a major American university. Not surprisingly, these results have electrified the medical research community. Based on its extraordinary magnitude of efficacy and unique mechanism of action, BetaStax appears to be the most exciting product to appear in the weight-loss category in recent years and one of the best we've seen as far as clinically validated results.

At the same time, BetaStax delivers an incredible energy rush.  Literally within minutes of the first dose, you feel supercharged and ready to go. 

ProSource Vectron: Vectron is the first ever precision-targeted, specialized protein matrix to contain Prolibra, a unique body composition system clinically proven to help improve the ratio of lean to fat mass.  In other words, it's the single most advanced protein technology ever developed.  In fact, in a recent randomized double blind clinical trial, test subjects showed significant improvements in the ratio of lean mass to fat in just 12 weeks while taking just 24 grams of Proliibra per day compared to a control group taking a placebo.                        

As such, Vectron has the potential to radically simplify and streamline the tradition "growth cycle" by combining the best of both worlds:
.   Unlike other protein formulas, Vectron is proven to help significantly reduce body fat.
.   Unlike thermogenics, Vectron cuts fat from your physique, while also preserving and maintaining muscle mass.

Utilize the Unique Quality and Convenience of ProSource's Wellness Products

It's not difficult to understand why people fall into such bad habits during the holiday season. Everywhere you go somebody is waiting to thrust a glass of eggnog and a plate of cookies in your face.  According to Jeffrey Rubin, M.D. and a professor at the University of Arizona's College of Medicine, the main rule to remember in regard to food and nutrition particularly during the Holiday season is moderation. Try to balance traditional holiday foods with regular servings of fruit and vegetables. 

A safe and convenient way of doing this is by taking advantage of the new Health and Wellness line of products by ProSource:

Resveratrol Caps: Research shows that this powerful phyto nutrient may help support healthy circulation via its arterial support and enhance cellular  Resveratol Capsmitochondrial production, thereby helping diminish fatigue and assisting energy levels.          


AX-12 - Free Radical Annihilator: ProSource's AX-12 maximizes protection with the most potent array of free-radical AX-12fighters available today. Its wide-spectrum, high-potency formulation incorporates a 575 mg proprietary blend of green tea, milk thistle, quercetin, curcumin, grape seed and pine bark extract, all standardized at the highest recommended potency. Add to this mega dose of the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E with ALA and ProSource has you covered with the most complete and powerful formula of its kind.                

MCT Oil: (medium chain triglyceride) oil has recently topped the list as one of the more effective natural compounds for energy and thermogenic enhancement.This remarkable and highly researched "fatless fat" requires less enzymes and bile to digest and is therefore more readably absorbed into th MCT oile stomach and small intestines and then rapidly metabolized by the liver. This process increases energy expenditure while decreasing fat storage, which has been shown to be especially advantageous for athletes.                        

In addition, some studies suggest that MCTs are an alternate energy source, which may save muscle glycogen stores thereby lessening fatigue and providing a protective effect on muscle tissue during catabolic conditions such as intense exercise.

Super Enzymes:
Super Enzymes has complete, potent coverage of all the essential enzymes to assure proper nutrient uptake so that all the efforts of your meticulous meal and supplement planning do not go to waste.Among the Super Enzymes support compounds are ultra high potencies of enzymes derived from 200 mg of pancreatin (includes 20,000 USP amylase, 20,000 USP protease and 34,000 UPS lipase)  plus papain, cellulose and bromelain are included, with optimal ratios for absolute digestive assurance. For even further enzyme activity, pineapple and papaya powder round it out.

Coral Calcium:
Coral calcium is a preferred form of this highly important nutrient containing trace minerals that are considered by many clinicians to be critical for bone health and enzymatic activity.Also, coral is an alkaline form that can have a positive effect  coral calciumon the alkaline/acid balance, which has been associated with a healthier flora in the body to aid in promoting overall health.Now Prosource offers this 1000 mg per serving pure, environmentally friendly coral calcium from Okinawa, Japan for optimum health promotion and bone growth support.

Acai Berry (supplements available in Powder, Liquid, and Capsules): This amazing fruit is becoming a sensation in the supplement industry and scientific circles, and ProSource is right on point by offering this premium quality Acai Berry Product (pronounced ah-sigh-ee). This super antioxidant botanical has been  the subject of numerous studies that validate its incredible ability to Acai Berryhelp support tissue protection as well as an ability to enhance the production of NO.With 10 times the antioxidant power of red grapes and 10 to 30 times the anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants found in red wine, it's no wonder Acai has recently set the web and news agencies on fire. Of course, the problem with popular new supplements is the lower grade imposters with cheaper (and less effective) offerings.

Stay Present and Enjoy Yourself - Try Not To Stress!
Lastly and purhaps the most important tip we can give you this holiday season is to try not to stress.  The holidays can be serious and stressful business. We're all stretched thin, while still trying to be a source of cheer. Unfortunately, stress is one of the most damaging things you can do to your body...And we all know that when stress comes around, weight gain is often not too far behind.  So stop stressing, be thankful and try to enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.   

Happy Holidays from all us at!