Pathways To The Perfect Workout

BioQuest’s AndroFury and MyoZene Combine
To Maximize Performance and Muscle Growth

Most workouts are failures.

When you take into account everything that has to go exactly right – proper focus, momentum, form, and work output on the front end, then maximized and precision-targeted muscle support to repair damage and spur growth on the back end – it’s probably optimistic to expect that even one in ten workouts results in real physique-enhancing results.

If you’re stuck on a plateau, this is probably the reason why. One in ten, or even one in five, isn’t going to get the job done. Yes, you’re working hard, but you’re not fully leveraging all that effort into making real progress. You’re hitting the same marks, doing the same rep counts with the same weights, and probably starving your muscles into a catabolic state in the hours after your workout. (It's amazing how many people we see engaging in high-intensity exercise, then short-changing themselves on nutrition.)

Sheer power of will is a great thing, and will get you pretty far. But to reach that rare training realm where performance goes off the charts and you’re turning that output into extreme muscle growth, you need a little help from advanced sports nutrition technology. And that’s where BioQuest is coming to your rescue.

Serious athletes recognize a true commitment to excellence, and that’s why BioQuest is universally regarded as the serious athlete’s brand. “Game recognizes game,” as the pros say, and the research and development experts at BioQuest admire your game even as we hate to see hard work come to naught. In fact, we’re obsessed with helping you achieve your training goals. That’s why we’ve devoted countless hours of scientific investigation into the physiology of anabolism before, during, and immediately after a high-intensity bout of training.

Bodybuilding’s Ultimate One-Two Punch

The end result of BioQuest’s extensive research efforts is our crowning achievement: a super-advanced pre-workout/post-workout supplement stack that addresses each and every pathway of peak performance and physique support. That stack, consisting of the testosterone-charged pre-workout AndroFury and the super-anabolic mass builder MyoZene, is the driving force behind some of the world’s most awe-inspiring physiques.

It pays to focus on the details. In the course of your workout, your body’s nutritional requirements are changing literally minute to minute. Meeting those needs in a timely and efficient manner with clinically indicated dosages of performance catalysts and growth agents is essential to the success of your workout. In order to fully appreciate the power and efficacy of the AndroFury/MyoZene muscle-building stack, it is necessary to understand the stimuli and stresses your body is being subjected to, at every moment, at the cellular level. Let’s take a look at what’s happening physiologically in your body and what AndroFury and MyoZene are doing to pave the way for physique enhancement.

Hit The Floor Amped
Up and Ready to Go

Is there anything worse than heading out onto the gym floor feeling tired and unmotivated? The first five minutes of your workout are going to set the tone and pace for your entire training session. Thus, you need to hit the floor pumped and energized. If you’ve supplemented with AndroFury (2 scoops, roughly 12 grams) thirty minutes before your workout, you will already be feeling its profound effects as you approach your first set.

AndroFury’s complex of advanced energy catalysts will provide power and focus to spare as you attack those first reps. At the same time, Arginine-AKG (1000 mg) and L-citrulline are combining to drive a massive nitric-oxide potentiated muscle pump that will serve to up-regulate strength, work output, and nutrient delivery. Meanwhile, the groundwork for future muscle repair and growth is already being laid with the inclusion of L-glutamine, taurine, and the essential aminos L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine. Of these aminos, leucine is the most important, as it acts along the mTOR pathway to switch on anabolism in muscle tissue. (You’re going to be getting quite a bit more leucine with MyoZene, and we’ll go into greater detail on its importance then.)

The Mid-Point: It’s Make-
Or-Break Time For Your Workout

Depending on the length of your workout, you’re twenty or thirty minutes into it now, and you’re starting to feel the effects. Under normal circumstances, your focus and intensity would be fading, fatigue would be setting in, and your form would be deteriorating. This is where a workout starts to fail. Your pace slows; you start instinctively seeking out “cheats.” We all know them. Swinging your body, pausing at the top of reps, using momentum to your advantage. Most importantly, this is where you’re tempted to settle for the usual number of reps with the usual weight on the bar. Mediocrity is calling.

But with the help of AndroFury, your focus is still locked in. You’ve still got untapped energy in the tank. You can feel the flow. And now, too, the 1000 mg of beta alanine in AndroFury is helping to support the postponement of fatigue. You can press on. And now, AndroFury’s most important key ingredient is going to start paying dividends.

One Super Botanical Ingredient, Many Benefits

There are many physical and mental factors that determine the success or failure of your workout. Strength, power, endurance, aggression, focus. And there are many catalysts that will support each of those vectors of performance individually. Many of them are included – in premium-quality, clinically indicated dosages – in AndroFury. There is also, however, one bodily process that holds sway over everything you achieve on the gym floor. It’s your testosterone levels.

If your T-levels are low, they will affect everything you do. Your desire will be lacking, your performance will falter, and your body won’t respond to training the way it should. Conversely, if your T-levels are high, they will impact your performance positively and you’ll see better results. It’s that simple. Testosterone levels are everything to a man.

BioQuest’s AndroFury has you covered more completely and comprehensively than any other pre-workout product in existence. AndroFury is scientifically designed to address every key pathway of performance enhancement, including the “master key” itself—maximized testosterone levels. Nothing beats that vital, energized feeling you enjoy when your most essential male hormone is boosted to optimum levels. AndroFury facilitates this ideal outcome by way of an advanced, full-spectrum, protodioscin-rich, botanical super-compound that many world-class athletes rely on to support endogenous testosterone levels.

Add this to the ultra high-yield nitric oxide pump complex, the sophisticated and synergistic bioactive blend of innovative energy factors, and research-proven endurance enhancers, and you’ve got the bodily environment for the perfect workout.

Turning a High-Intensity Workout
Into an Engine of Extreme Muscle Growth

The moment you walk off that gym floor, the stakes are very high. Your muscle tissue has been ravaged and is crying out for fuel. Your glycogen stores have been depleted. Protein synthesis is declining precipitously. Resistance training ramps up the catabolism of skeletal muscle protein, which can lead to muscle loss if you are in a continued state of protein breakdown. It is absolutely imperative that you get new fuel to those muscles before your body starts tearing down established muscle tissue to compensate. To achieve this goal, the sports nutrition experts at BioQuest conceived and formulated MyoZene, the most powerful mass builder in bodybuilding history.
If you want to maximize your gains, you need to keep your muscular/cellular environment tilted towards a positive protein balance. One of the best ways to achieve this positive protein balance following a bout of resistance training is to consume an ultra-fast-acting protein. MyoZene is comprised of a highly specialized whey hydrolysate technology which is pre-digested to provide a super bioavailable source of essential di- and tri-peptides for ultra-rapid absorption into the muscle. It also contains an advanced leucine peptide technology to enhance the bioavailability and anabolic capacity of leucine.

Bodybuilders supplementing with hydrolyzed whey protein experience a significantly greater increase in lean body mass and muscular strength, as compared to supplementation with lesser caseins or whey concentrates. When hydrolyzed protein is consumed with leucine, it increases muscle protein synthesis and enhances whole-body protein balance.

The Anabolic Power of Leucine

We said earlier that we’d get back to leucine, and here we are. Research has proven leucine to be an unequivocal anabolic activator, as it is primarily involved in protein synthesis. Human and animal studies have shown that EAAs independently stimulate muscle protein synthesis, with more recent evidence pinpointing leucine as the anabolic mediator.

Most recently, clinical investigations have revealed the mechanisms by which leucine can switch on anabolism. Leucine is a potent nutritive activator of muscle protein synthesis due to its ability to increase mRNA translation in muscle cells. Increased mRNA translation simply means an increase in the cell's efficiency to read the genetic material that manufactures amino acids and proteins. This occurs via leucine’s ability to directly stimulate mTOR complex 1 (a primary anabolic pathway).

Of course, any mass builder that contains protein will contain leucine. But leucine in its simplest form may not be bioavailable enough, quickly enough, to impact anabolism during the immediate post-workout window of muscle-growth opportunity. That’s why the innovators at BioQuest have incorporated a unique technology into MyoZene.

MyoZene contains a revolutionary leucine-peptide mechanism that improves the solubility and absorption of the peptides, ultimately allowing for better digestion and absorption of the amino acids into muscle. The result is an advanced, ultra-anabolic mass builder that contains up to four times more leucine than common protein formulas, making it an elite protein supplement for those looking to add muscle fast.  

Advanced Carbohydrate Complex
Supports Essential Insulin Secretion

Casual fitness enthusiasts and dieters often misunderstand the role carbohydrates play in performance and physique enhancement, associating carbs solely with excess fat storage. And while carbs may be stored as fat in the bodies of less-active people, for bodybuilders, carbs are not the enemy. Indeed, they serve a well-defined purpose when it comes to stimulating muscle growth, particularly in tandem with leucine.

This is why MyoZene contains an advanced carbohydrate matrix. Carbohydrates raise blood glucose levels, potentiating insulin release, which in turn plays a key role in skeletal muscle protein synthesis by activating ribosomal activity and growth initiation factors within skeletal muscle. Elevated insulin levels also appear to prevent muscle protein breakdown, which contributes to the overall anabolic effect of not only insulin but insulin-like growth factors as well. Higher insulin levels will help keep skeletal muscle in a state of positive protein balance before and after a training session if carbohydrates are ingested.

It should also be noted that, in addition to this advanced carb matrix, MyoZene contains a number of other ingredients included to support post-workout repair and growth. Creapure® creatine monohydrate, the world’s best, has been incorporated to spur cell volumization and strength support, taurine and glutamine have been included for their anti-catabolic activity, and L-carnitine L-tartrate is present for additional hormonal support.
Astounding 24% to 32%
Increases in Strength

All the technology in the world means little without independent clinical validation. For MyoZene, this validation exists in the form of the results of a landmark brand-specific clinical study presented at the prestigious American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference. An independently conducted research study found that after 28 days of MyoZene supplementation in conjunction with a bodybuilding training regimen, subjects experienced  a 24% increase in muscular endurance mid-way through the study and a 32% increase after one month of training. They also experienced a notable reduction in body fat as well.

Serious Sports Nutrition For the Serious Athlete

The will to succeed, combined with the best sports nutrition that bodybuilding science has to offer, is an unbeatable combination. BioQuest’s pre-workout AndroFury and post-workout MyoZene are peerless in their capacity to make every one of your workouts hugely productive and to convert that output into real, tangible physique results.

Make no mistake. BioQuest sports supplements are not for the weekend warrior or casual fitness enthusiast. Each product in the BioQuest line represents the pinnacle of purity, potency, and power in its category. BioQuest has a well-earned reputation for cutting-edge sports nutrition products that are a far superior alternative to mass-produced, mass-marketed offerings commonly found in retail outlets. BioQuest’s flagship products, AndroFury and MyoZene, will take your physique to the next level.

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