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Part 3: From Research To Results: Whey Protein Isolate Delivers Unsurpassed Muscle Growth
Never before has a protein powder been such a hot topic in and around the gyms. Almost overnight, NytroWhey Extreme has created such a stir, that many top ranked IFBB bodybuilders are already using it to refine their physiques. (Several of them have to keep that secret to themselves so they don't blow their lucrative contracts with other supplement companies.) Check out what these other top pro and amateur bodybuilders below have to say about this amazing anabolic formula. If you want to maximize your gains, and have the physique of a champion, do what they do and use NytroWhey Extreme.

"The pump you get with
this stuff is unreal!"

-Sergy Otrokh, IFBB Pro
These results not typical.

"I've never seen anything that packs on muscle like NytroWhey Extreme."
-Jeffrey Long, IFBB Pro
These results not typical.

"This stuff is night-and-day-different from any other protein out there in that it produces gains in size and strength you can see and feel almost immediately."
-Boris Kleine, 3-Time National Champion
These results not typical.

"For years I was stuck at a plateau and then after using NytroWhey Extreme for just two weeks I began growing like never before. It's hard to believe a product this powerful is legal."
-Dave Richardson, NPC Bodybuilder, Fireman
These results not typical.

"It is hard to believe one product could be so much more effective than another, but with NytroWhey Extreme I gained more in one month than in the previous six with the conventional proteins. This product is truly amazing."
-Lawrence Marshall, IFBB Pro
These results not typical.

"I thought the original was good stuff but Extreme gives you a rock-hard pump beyond anything imaginable."
-Rod Ketchens, IFBB Pro
These results not typical.

"Serious bodybuilders know that whey protein isolate is in a mass-building class by itslef. NytroWhey Extreme's 100% pure WPI helped me pack on tremendous mass like nothing else out there. It gave me the physique-transforming advantage I needed to take my performance to a whole new level!"
-Lee Powell, IFBB Pro
These results not typical.

"I had no idea that I could actually achieve significant muscle gains at my age, but NytroWhey Extreme made it happen big time! The gains I'm making now are comparable to what I made when I was in my twenties."
-Hugh Ross, Atlantic MM Masters Champion
These results not typical.

"I had heard that this the protein that the top IFBB guys use and now I know actually see dramatic increases in muscle size week to week."
-Tony Brogno, Nationals Champion
These results not typical.

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