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Optimal Nutritional Timing

Have you heard of a concept known as Foundational Nutrition? Foundational Nutrition can be described as a philosophy of eating and utilizing foods and nutrient timing in order to promote your own vital health. Supplements are designed to help obtain specific goals and to support the eating plan that you follow.

The value of protein for maintaining a healthy immune system, maintaining muscle mass while also being able to positively impact muscle gains cannot be underestimated. There are many ways to get important macronutrients in your diet. The trick is knowing which ones to emphasize and what supportive agents you can use.

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Protein's Thermogenic Effect
If you are eating for weight loss or for fat loss, one macronutrient just might be more important than all of the rest. This is protein. Protein not only is the backbone of your immune system and is used for the architecture of your musculature, but also is the most thermogenic macronutrient. Meaning, eating or drinking your protein makes the body work harder, burn more calories to aid in digestion and absorption as compared to either fats or carbohydrates.

When looking to lose excess fat, every little extra tip in your favor that you can get counts. It is time to start thinking of protein as your food-thermogenic edge in the battle for leanness. While from a caloric standpoint, protein contains four calories per gram and carbohydrates also contain four per gram, fat contains nine calories per gram. Interestingly enough, when one factors in the metabolic cost of digestion and absorption, fat stays nearly the same, carbohydrates are reduced by about three percent and protein is reduced by about seven percent. From a dieting standpoint, protein is the first food one can concentrate on when doing meal planning for the day, as it should be your staple for maintaining or growing lean muscle while losing weight and fat.

Advantages of Protein Supplementation
I often find that due to a hectic schedule it is not always easy to sit down and eat a meal. This is why many of us in sports nutrition recommend using portable nutrition to support your goals. For me, when driving in my car or walking between the research lab and the football field, I often use a protein drink. More to the point, since protein is also the strongest nutrient at helping one feel full and reducing other food intake, making sure to eat or take in good nutrition every four to five hours (except when sleeping, let the body rest and recover), is supportive of your overall physique and fitness goals.

Using protein drinks, shakes and bars are essential to staying on the program. For me, I like using NytroWhey Ultra Elite during the day because I find it tasty, easy to mix and perhaps most importantly, it is made with the highest level quality proteins. NytroWhey Ultra Elite contains various forms of whey protein isolates (including an super-potent whey isolate and an ultra-rapid-action hydrolyzed whey) coupled with added supportive leucine, often known as the "anabolic spark" to turn on cellular muscle protein synthesis.

The whey protein isolate found in NytroWhey Ultra Elite is amongst the fastest absorbing proteins known to man. This means you drink it and within minutes it is being digested, absorbed and metabolized throughout the body. The fast absorbing nature of NytroWhey Ultra Elite is ideal for supporting athletic recovery effects. So not only can it be beneficial as a between-meals drink, but is perfect for post-workout supplementation.

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If at night time you believe that a slower absorbing protein is your best bet, Ultimate Casein by BioQuest is a fan favorite and will not disappoint. Casein is a slow absorbing protein that offers many benefits to the body. It aids in feelings of fullness (so you do not get hungry overnight), while it supports athletic and muscular recovery and repair in the critical overnight period when catabolism can undermine your muscle mass gains.

Whole Foods Are Essential
When putting together a self-selected, but informed weight and fat loss plan, it might be wise to consider what ancillary nutrition can be used to help in obtaining your goals. First off, if you do not have a solid food strategy, then no product will really help you achieve your goal. It's all about planning ahead and planning to achieve versus failing to plan and hoping for the best.

For the food strategy, even when using portable nutrition (drinking NytroWhey Ultra Elite between meals and post-workout), plan on eating at least three real food meals. Eating a meal does not have to mean gorging or eating 1,000 calories at a sitting, but any nutrition that you are swallowing. When weight cutting and aiming for fat loss, some people use the plate rule as follows, fill 1/2 the plate with a protein, 1/4 with a whole grain carbohydrate and the remaining 1/4 with vegetables. Alternatively, other experts like filling 1/2 the plate with healthy vegetables and the other 1/2 with a protein coupled with a side of a fruit or a handful of healthy nuts (such as macadamia, almonds or walnuts). Sample meals and protein intervals are included in this article.

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Double Down on Fat Loss With a
Powerful Thermogenic Supplement

Ancillary nutrition can include the use of products purported to aid in appetite reduction, thermogenesis (calorie burning), fat oxidation and more. If you're looking for a powerful fat-loss catalyst, you could very well be in luck with the new "amplified" version of BioQuest's BetaStax. BetaStax Elite contains a Pure Way Slim technology that delivers clinically validated and significant reductions in body weight, waist and hip circumferences in as little as two weeks. BetaStax Elite also contains ingredients known to aid in blood sugar metabolism, brain and body stimulation, and fat loss, as well as overall mood support.

I like the uniqueness of BetaStax Elite, for it also contains fat-burning chlorogenic acid, plus caffeine while including botanical extracts for a balanced mood. Ever notice that some people while cutting weight or trying to lose fat get moody and crabby? I have and I do not like it. BetaStax is designed to also be the hug that is oft needed by a moody dieter. For these reasons alone, I cannot think of a better product to consider for support during weight and fat loss. For success using any nutritional product, always follow label directions and heed any warning statements on the packaging.

Sample Meal and Supplement Plan

    3 egg whites mixed with 1 whole egg. Mix together. Hold in cup.
    ½ cup diced mushrooms
    ¼ cup shredded reduced fat mixed cheese
    ½ teaspoon hot sauce.
Mix the above items all together and pour into a non-stick pan to cook on the stove making yourself an omelet.
1 slice of Ezekiel bread (can toast)
Coffee or tea

Mid-morning Snack
    1 NytroWhey Ultra Elite shake (follow label directions)
    Take BetaStax Elite per label directions

2 cups of mixed greens salad (can use pre-made bagged salad greens from the supermarket)
Cut in ½ sliced tomato, 5 baby carrots and ¼ cucumber. Mix all together, add spices if wanted
1 cooked skinless chicken breast (spice to taste and cut-diced for mixing into salad)
1-cup natural applesauce
Water or tea (green or oolong preferred)

Mid-afternoon snack
    1 apple, sliced
    1-tablespoon natural peanut butter
    Mix sliced apple with peanut butter for the snack

    1 NytroWhey Ultra Elite shake (follow label directions)
    Take BetaStax Elite per label directions
    8 – 12 ounces water

    1 piece of grilled salmon or tuna steak, spiced to taste
    1 medium sized baked sweet potato
    15 steamed or sautéed pieces of asparagus
    Water or tea (green or oolong preferred)

Optional Nighttime Snack
    1 cup of non-fat Greek yogurt OR
    1 serving of BioQuest Ultimate Casein

If you are able to follow the article theme and the type of meal and meal patterning written above while adding in the supportive nutrition outlines, success as represented by fat loss and leaner, toned muscles are bound to be yours.

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