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Only Small Benefits Of Oral Atp Supplementation

The final energy currency in the body is adenosine triphosphate or, more commonly, ATP. ATP is the substance that gives our muscles the energy to contract and run every other energy-requiring process in the body. So why not just supplement with ATP instead of other precursors like carbohydrate or creatine? The primary reason is that it is difficult to absorb ATP because of its large size and susceptibility to degradation by enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract. However, a recent study examined the effects of an enterically-coated ATP supplement that is designed to enhance absorption and delivery of the ATP to cells. Subjects received either low dose ATP (150 mg), high dose ATP (225 mg) or placebo. Testing occurred at baseline, 75 min after a single dose, and after a 7 day supplementation period. ATP supplementation had no effect on blood levels of ATP or high-intensity cycling performance. Although not statistically significant, the high dose ATP supplement group did increase maximal bench press strength and relative strength as assessed by repetitions to fatigue at 70% of maximal. The study did show small benefits of oral ATP supplementation but larger studies confirming this effect are needed to confirm this before ATP can be recommended.

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