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One Step At A Time

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In 2013, David Brown wasn't worried about excess fat. He was worried about when and if he would walk normally again. After undergoing major reconstructive knee and shoulder surgery, necessitated by a horrific fall, David was confined to a wheelchair for three months.

The orthopedic surgeon who installed a metal plate, four screws, and a bone graft into David's knee told him the joint was so damaged, he'd probably never run again, and even walking would be a challenge. At the time, David had little reason to doubt the prognosis, as his joints were aching.

"That was a dark period there," David remembers. "I'm a pretty active guy, so being stuck in a wheelchair for that long . . . that was rough. Once I got out of the wheelchair, I had a lot of therapy to do and chronic pain to deal with. My primary focus at the time wasn't my physique or overall wellness, obviously. But I was aware that I was putting on a LOT of weight. It was kind of unavoidable."

The good news for David was that he exceeded his doctor's prognosis in every way. He is, in fact, running again and he has made a full recovery. The bad news is that in January of 2014, his weight had ballooned to 252 pounds and he had lost a great deal of muscle mass.

"Yeah. I was a mess," David says. "It wasn't just all the flab, either. I was experiencing depression, lack of motivation, and just generally low self-esteem issues. I wasn't really in a mindset where I was going to take the world by storm, you know?"

A Sedentary Lifestyle and
Its Effect on Testosterone

David didn't know it at the time, but his long period of enforced immobility was almost certainly playing havoc with his body's testosterone production. Scientists have determined that a man's blood serum testosterone rises in direct relation to just-completed intense exercise.  Conversely, complete lack of exercise over an extended interval has an entirely predictable effect on T-levels. They decline.

The result is a vicious cycle in which inactivity lowers T-levels, which in turn undermines aggression, libido and energy levels, which cause more inactivity and lethargy. This was the predicament David found himself in as 2013 began.

To his credit, David took the first step. He got off the couch and got moving. He returned to the gym and began to put together the foundation of a workout regimen. But it was slow going. "I had nothing," David admits. "No stamina, no endurance, very little strength, greatly reduced motivation. It just wasn't there. I knew I was going to need some help."

The First Steps on the Road Back ... And the Supplement That Made All the Difference
"The first thing I had to do was clean up my diet," David says. "I cut out beer and all sugars. They definitely were not helping. I began to document what I was eating. In place of the sugars and empty carbs, I focused on green beans, yams, brown rice, and oatmeal. I ate small meals every three hours. Chicken, tilapia, tuna, and egg whites. A lot of egg whites." And then, too, David considered supplementation.

"I had been reading about testosterone enhancement. I was 49 years old, about to turn 50, so of course, I'd see these ads for pads and gels and such, and I was intrigued. On the other hand, the more I read about these synthetic applications, the more I learned about their side effects and the costs involved. At the same time, I started reading about a new science of increasing the body's own testosterone production through natural means. And that led me to AndroTest."

AndroTest, from ProSource, is a clinical-grade technology specifically designed to up-regulate testosterone production via a protodioscin-rich botanical super compound that facilitates production of luteinizing hormone (LH), which in turns raises T-levels. AndroTest's unprecedented potency derives from the most stringent and precise manufacturing protocols. These protocols isolate AndroTest's key active ingredient by utilizing state-of-the-art laboratory procedures, PhD analytical technicians, and certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure optimum quality and clinically indicated dosages.

How powerful is AndroTest? In a brand-specific study conducted on AndroTest, it caused statistically significant increases in free testosterone levels, averaging 59.75% over baseline, and statistically significant increases in total testosterone levels, which averaged 59.88%. In short, AndroTest is a one-of-a-kind product in a class of its own. When David first started taking AndroTest, the effects were immediate.

"With AndroTest, it was like night and day," David remembers. "I felt revitalized. I didn't have to struggle to get to the gym anymore. I really wanted to go to the gym. When I got there, I had renewed energy and my workouts grew dramatically more productive. My post-workout recovery was much more efficient. The first areas to lose fat were my face and stomach, which looked less bloated. Overall, I looked and felt better. I really had my edge back."

David's transformation was underway.

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Picking Up the Pace: More Positive Changes Keep David's Momentum Going
Although AndroTest was far and away the most important supplemental factor in David's success story, other supplements helped as well. To augment his protein intake, David started taking ProSource's Vectron, a unique fat-loss, muscle-supporting protein matrix. Vectron's unique mechanism of action, Prolibra, is a clinically validated weight-management system that helps to improve the ratio of lean mass to body fat.

To further facilitate fat loss and increase workout productivity, David turned to a newly amplified version of a legendary diet-support thermogenic. BetaStax Elite, from BioQuest, contains an exclusive PureWay-Slim technology that delivers clinically validated and significant reductions in body weight, waist and hip circumferences in as little as two weeks, as documented in a landmark clinical trial conducted at a major American university.1 "I definitely noticed a real revving up of my metabolism," David says. "I could feel it working, and my workout intensity was really off the charts."

David also used ProSource's ZMA for added hormonal support and better sleep, ProSource's Extra-Strength Joint Command to furnish targeted nutritional support for his repaired joints, ProSource's Super MegaMax for its workout-warrior levels of key vitamins and minerals, and ProSource's DopaTech-HGH to support his body's natural secretion of growth hormone.

Final Steps: David Celebrates His 50th
Birthday With a New Lease On Life

On June 30th, 2014, David Brown stepped on a scale and discovered that he had lost 60 pounds. His 6'1" frame now packed 192 pounds of mostly lean muscle. His libido and vitality were peaking at levels he hadn't experienced in at least a dozen years, and he was bringing his "A game" to every aspect of his personal and professional life. Today, his wheelchair days are a distant memory.

"When I first got started, I just wanted to get out of the chair," David says.  "When I stood up and started walking, my first plan was to primarily shed the fat. Now I want to build muscle while keeping body fat around 10%.

"The most important thing I learned from the whole experience is you have to set short-term goals to get to your long-term goals. The longest journey begins with a few steps. Now I can look back and see all the distance I've come, and it's really amazing!"

Want to contact David?
Find him here:

David Brown's Exercise Regimen

Monday: Chest/Back
  • 15-minute warm-up on treadmill
  • Incline Bench /2-arm dumbbell row superset
    Reps 50-40-30-20-10
  • Flat Bench / 2-arm dumbbell row superset
    Reps 50-40-30-20-10
  • 15 min: Riding recumbent bike
Tuesday: Cardio
  • 15-minute warm-up on treadmill
  • 1 Hour: Riding recumbent bike
Wednesday: Arms
  • 15-minute warm-up on treadmill
  • Dumbbell / Skullcrushers superset
    Reps 50-40-30-20-10
  • Hammer Curls / Kickbacks or Machine Tricep Extensions
    Reps 50-40-30-20-10
Thursday: Cardio
  • 15-minute warm-up on treadmill
  • 1 Hour: Riding recumbent bike
Friday: Delts / Traps
  • 15-minute warm-up on treadmill
  • Dumbbell Military Presses / Shrugs
    Reps 50-40-30-20-10
  • Machine Military Presses / Upright Rows
    Reps 50-40-30-20-10
Saturday: Cardio
  • 15-minute warm-up on treadmill
  • 1 Hour: Riding recumbent bike
Sunday: Legs
  • 15-minute warm-up on treadmill
  • Leg Press / Calf Press
    Reps 50-40-30-20-10
David Brown's Dietary Regimen

6 eggs (4 egg whites / two whole)
Oatmeal (1 cup plain, no seasoning)

Every 3 Hours
Chicken, tilapia, or tuna (protein)
Green beans or sugar snap peas (fiber)
½ yam or ½ cup brown rice (carbs)

Buy BetaStax Elite
Buy BetaStax Elite

for a chance to win
this product!
Before Bed
8 eggs (6 egg whites / 2 whole) or casein protein


Super MegaMax
Biotin / Saw Palmetto / Extra-Strength Joint Command
ProSource AndroTest, BioQuest BetaStax Elite

Before Workout:
ProSource Vectron
ProSource CLA / B12

ProSource ZMA
DopaTech HGH
ProSource Glutamine

1 PureWaySlim Supplementation: Positively Impacting Human Health. Dario Pancorbo M.D., Carlos Vazquez M.D., and Mary Ann Flecther Ph.D., University of Miami, Miami, FL, USA

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