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Omega-3 Fats Enhance Weight Loss

We have talked a lot about the many health benefits associated with omega 3 fats, in particular the most common ones EPA and DHA. They protect against heart disease, have anti-inflammatory effects, and decrease risk for cancer. A new study shows that omega 3 fat supplementation enhances weight loss and improves fat metabolism. The study involved subjects who were counseled to follow a low calorie diet and were then randomized into an omega 3 supplement group (2.8 g/day) or a placebo group. The study focused on the short-term responses, including if the omega 3 fats actually get incorporated into the membranes. The omega 3 supplemented group had greater circulating concentration of EPA and DHA in blood lipids, and this led to greater weight loss compared to placebo. In addition, omega 3 supplementation was associated with increased fat oxidation and reduced fat synthesis. These findings support the use of omega 3 fats, specifically EPA and DHA, in promoting favorable effects on fat metabolism and weight loss during dieting.

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