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Nutrient Timing And Muscle Hypertophy

While pre- and post-exercise nutrient cocktails are extremly popular among bodybuilders and other strenght-power athletes, no studies have specifically examined whether this strategy provides greater muscle mass and strength gains compared to supplementation at other times during the day. So, the purpose of the recent study at the Victoria University in Australia was to examine the effects of pre- and post-exercise supplementation compared to supplementation in the hours not close to the workout on skeletal muscle hypertrophy, strength and body composition during a 10 week resistance exercise program. Male gym rats were placed into two groups; one groups ingested a supplement containing 40 grams of whey protein hydrolysate, 43 grams of high-glycemic carbs and 7 grams of creatine monohydrate immediately before and after resistance exercise, whereas the other group consumed same supplement in the morning and late evening. All assessments, including strength (1RM), body composition and vastus lateralis muscle biopsies for determination of muscle fiber type cross-sectional area, contractile protein, creatine and glycogen content, were completed the week before and after 10 weeks of structured, supervised resistance exercise training.

   Simply put, the results of this study confirmed that pre- and post-exercise supplementation results in significantly greater improvements in strength and body composition (i.e., increase in lean body mass and decrease in body fat) compared to supplementation at times outside of the pre/post workout time frame. Thus, the authors concluded that supplement-timing represents a simple but effective strategy that enhances the adaptations that are desired from [resistance exercise] training. Clearly, this strategy would be of benefit to most healthy adults that perform [resistance exercise] to improve functional strength and body composition." While this study used a mixture of whey protein hydrolysate, carbs and creatine monohydrate, we would suggest that you also consume some extra leucine to further boost muscle protein anabolism. Pre- and post-exercise ingestion of glutamine, taurine and antioxidants may offer some additional benefits too. Based on this research, MyoZene from BioQuest was developed to fit the bill perfectly.

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