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Not All Creatine Is Created Equal

Several different types and forms of creatine are marketed to consumers claiming to be the best. One product is Creatine Serum, a liquid form of creatine that claims greater bioavailability. A recent study put this claim to the test and evaluated the creatine content of Creatine Serum and compared its absorption in subjects after an oral dose. Subjects ingested either Creatine Serum, creatine monohydrate, or water (placebo). The study found that Creatine Serum contained hardly any creatine. Not surprising then was the finding that creatine monohydrate led to significant increases in blood creatine levels and Creatine Serum and placebo failed to increase blood creatine levels. The trace amounts of creatine in Creatine Serum would have no effect on muscle creatine levels or performance. This study provides a real heads-up to consumers to beware of bogus companies and their hyped-up marketing claims. Stick with reputable Creatine like those on the ProSource website.

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