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Newly Lean and Fit, Just in Time for a New Decade
Twenty-nine years old is a pivotal age in anyone's life. How we look and feel at 29 is a pretty good indicator of how we'll look and feel in our 30s and 40s. And Greg DeNardo wasn't happy with his physique. Not by a long shot. The day-to-day grind of working in sales had taken its toll in the form of long hours and poor diet. So when he finally put his feet on that scale, he wasn't entirely surprised to see the number 230 staring back at him. It was time for a change, and Greg turned to BetaStax.

"The first week was difficult breaking bad habits and adapting to a new life," Greg remembers about his new diet and fitness regimen. "I started taking BetaStax in the second week of dieting. Betastax helped me gain an energy boost before training and I noticed an increase in vascularity."

Within weeks, he felt noticeably better. "I definitely noticed more room in my pants and I wasn't using the hole in my belt, either," he says. "That was a relief. And I just looked better. My face was thinner; my overall vascularity was better."

Greg has a new lease on life. He's back at his optimum weight of 200 pounds and he's looking to make more changes. "I plan on trying to move into a different field of work where my lifestyle would be able to benefit other people struggling with getting in shape," he says. "And I'll definitely pass along the good word on BetaStax."
BetaStax helped me gain an energy boost before training and I noticed an increase in vascularity.