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New Years Resolution Series: Article 2: Maximize Anabolism
If you are reading this article, then it is safe to assume that you have read part one of this series. We are also going to assume that you followed the recommendations for supplementation, have regained momentum in your workouts, and now have your diet back under control. If this is the case, congratulations on completing a busy and meaningful month!

By now your blood chemistry is back to "supreme" and if you have followed our advice, then you are ingesting a high-quality fat-burner with some appetite suppressing help (we suggested a stack of Tetrazene ES-50 and DopaTech-HGH). Keep with this regimen, as you will need continued support if you want to be ready for summer! In the following article we will offer advice pertaining to maximizing your anabolic potential throughout the day. After all, your workouts are tough and require a lot of your precious time. Thus, they should not be taken in vain.

Protein Supplements: essential anabolic agents
Although a well-known fact, it cannot be overstated that PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS WORK. However, they are not all created equal! For this stage and onward into your body transformation, it is essential that you have a stock of good quality fast, moderate, and slow digesting protein supplements. The following daily "protein stack" will set-up an environment that is certain to maximize your gains and decrease post-exercise recovery time while simultaneously aiding in reducing body fat. Fast absorbing sources of protein should be consumed immediately after training. Reputable whey protein hydrolysate (WPH) products provide undenatured di- and tri-peptides that allow you to take advantage of the post-workout "anabolic window". If you are looking to further maximize the anabolic state, research indicates that a mixture of high quality WPH, L- Leucine, and high-glycemic carbohydrates consumed immediately post-exercise greatly augments insulin secretion. This sets up a favorable environment of anabolism in skeletal muscle as it is known that elevating plasma insulin is imperative in stimulating protein synthesis and blunting catabolism after Buy MyoZene a bout of weight training (Manninen, 2006). If you want an additional anabolic edge, you can add L-carnitine L-tartrate (LCLT) to your post-exercise supplementation, as it has been recently shown to upregulate androgen receptor content and enhanced leuteinizing hormone secretion (Kraemer et al., 2006). In doing so, you will be completely exploiting the "anabolic window" after your workout. You may be thinking that this sounds like a confusing mixture of substrates to get together, and you are right! Fortunately, the scientists at BioQuest have done their homework and developed MyoZene, a revolutionary post-workout recovery product. MyoZene provides 25 grams of high quality WPH, high-glycemic carbohydrates, L-Leucine, and LCLT. In addition, they have added large doses of creatine monohydrate, L-Glutamine, and L-Taurine, all of which provide beneficial post-workout anabolic support. In my opinion, this product is the perfect "package-deal," as it takes all of the guess work out of perfect post-workout supplementation. To maintain positive nitrogen balance, protein sources with moderate digestion rates should be consumed throughout the day and immediately before workouts. The best source comes from high quality whey protein isolate (WPI) products. Consistent ingestion of WPI ensures a steady infusion of amino acids into the blood, thus attenuating catabolism and further promoting an anabolic environment throughout the day. Make sure to read the labels, as not all whey protein products are created equal. The best sources of WPI will be cross-flow micro filtered (CFM) varieties. Furthermore, a good product won't be hiding anything. Thus, the ingredients should explicitly state the anabolic protein fractions. The benefits of consistent WPI feeding throughout the day have been documented in numerous studies. For example, in a 10 week randomized double blind resistance training study, subjects who consumed 1.5g/kg bodyweight/day of WPI had a significant decrease in fat mass and gained 11 pounds of lean body mass compared to just 2 pounds gained by subjects consuming crude casein based control protein (Cribb et al., 2002). Ideal choices are NytroWhey Extreme and NytroWhey Ultra from the premium ProSource brand. The NytroWhey protein powders contain the highest grade cross-flow micro-filtered WPI so you can be assured to get repeated bursts of amino acids when used throughout the day. In addition, one of the best tasting (and of course convenient) protein treats is the Supreme Protein bar. Powered by high grade WPI, this bar, which tastes like gourmet candy (for real) delivers 30gm of real, quality protein. This is an easy and effective way to continue delivering critical muscle building aminos throughout the day. Buy NytroPlexAt bed time, in an effort to avoid a constant decline in blood amino acid levels and to take advantage of sleep induced growth hormone release it is imperative that you provide your body with a substantial dose of slow release proteins. This is best achieved by ingesting high quality micellar casein protein. Micellar casein forms a clot when it reaches the stomach and, as such, becomes a timed-release capsule of high quality protein to promote anabolism and significantly blunt catabolism while you sleep. The sustained plateau in amino acid levels (~ 7 hours) produces the best nitrogen retention and utilization in skeletal muscle (Boirie et al., 1997). Once again I recommend a premium protein from the ProSource brand. NytroPlex-GF contains a unique blend of high grade WPI, micellar casein, and egg albumen to deliver a prolonged infusion of aminos for more then 7 hours. This promotes an ideal environment for building quality muscle.

Basic Protein Loading Guidelines:
Ingest a minimum of 1 gram of supplemental protein for every pound of body weight divided in the following manner:
  • 25 grams of WPH immediately after training
  • 55 gram blend of WPI, micellar casein, and egg albumen immediately before bed.
  • Supplement WPI for the remaining portion equally throughout the day.
Most importantly, remember to keep on training, eat well, and get lots of sleep. If you maintain this end of the bargain and follow the supplementation advice from these past two articles, you are certain to be in your best shape ever for the summer.

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