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New BetaStax Fat-Burning Catalyst Helps a Respected Medical Research Expert Attain a Ripped and Rock-Hard Physique
One of the benefits of being a respected expert in the medical research field is that you sometimes have access to advance samples of highly promising supplement technologies before they are made available to the general public. Dr. Dwayne Jackson, an assistant professor at one of Canada's top medical schools, the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario, and a writer and editorial advisor for Muscle & Fitness magazine, recently had such an opportunity, courtesy of the research and development innovators at BioQuest.

As a member of the BioQuest scientific advisory panel, Dr. Jackson was fortunate enough to have advanced access to this breakthrough thermogenic formula. Though he is typically excited to try new products, Dr. Jackson had added incentive to try this particular product. As you can see in the "Before" photo featured in this article, Dr. Jackson had recently let his conditioning slip to a significant degree as a result of a particularly hectic period of intense work in his capacities as professor, scientist, and writer. Needless to say, this physical state of affairs was not ideal for a regular contributor to Muscle & Fitness magazine.

"I was intrigued by BetaStax because I knew it was developed by the same product engineers that created the original Xenadrine formula," Dr. Jackson says. "These guys (now at BioQuest) are probably the top specialists in thermogenic products in the industry. Also, I knew that, unlike most hardcore thermogenics, which are mostly made up of the same base ingredients (caffeine, yohimbe, and green tea), BetaStax is totally unique and mechanistically much more advanced than anything I'd seen before. So I was curious to see exactly what BioQuest had come up with in BetaStax."
I've used a lot of fat-burners over the years and I can say there is no question that BetaStax represents the absolute best of the current generation of fat-burners. Not only is the preliminary research remarkable but my personal experience with it was quite extraordinary.

Upon starting BetaStax, Dr. Jackson was quite impressed with an aspect of the powerful new formula that reminded him instantly of another highly regarded thermogenic. "I took the recommended two Liquid Speed™ caps and headed off to the gym," he says. "I recall a few minutes later as I was still driving to the gym a profound wave of energy hit me. By the time I got to the gym, I was fired up big time. I honestly hadn't felt anything like it since the glory days of Xenadrine-RFA-1. In fact, that would be about the closest thing I could compare the feeling to.

betastax weight loss info "What followed was the absolute best training session I'd had in a very long time. I pounded legs and abs and was still all charged up at the end. It was truly hard to believe that a non-'fat-burning legends of yesterday' product could be so powerful and effective. The energy continued for hours and there was no crash at all. But the other thing that was really amazing is that even after this intense workout, I had little appetite. Usually I would be famished after two hours of intense training but I simply wasn't. Such an energy and appetite suppression effect was exactly what made the 'fat-burning legends of yesterday'/caffeine products work so well for me in the past."

Though he had tried only a single dose, Dr. Jackson already knew he was getting an advance opportunity to evaluate a product that would mark a significant turning point in the recent history of thermogenic science. "I went home and had my wife take a †