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Naturally Boosting Testosterone

Three Crucial Lifestyle Strategies for
Naturally Boosting Testosterone

Your natural testosterone production is going to be a key ally in building muscle, from within. It’s no secret that maximizing your body’s natural drive to create more testosterone will make building muscle easier for you.

Did you know that when a male reaches his late 20s it’s more likely he’ll start to experience a steady decline in testosterone production? Initially this might only be incremental, but with time this can manifest into a significant drop.

This isn’t only bad news for your muscle, it is going to have a direct impact on the following:

1.    Energy levels
2.    Metabolic rate
3.    Bone density
4.    Recovery
5.    Sex drive/reproductive health
6.    General health

Kris Gethin TrainingYou’ll often notice the male physique can start to show the effects of suppressed testosterone production, with more body fat creeping in and muscle atrophy beginning to take its toll. This is one of the most common reasons why men often lose their shape with age. Faltering testosterone production opens up a cascade of physical problems.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. There are things you can do today which will elevate your natural testosterone production.

I’ve collated together 3 of the main things I like to do every day to keep my testosterone production within healthy parameters. Following these rules I live by will help you, just do as I say.

Watch The Fat

Stopping your body fat climbing too high is going to support healthy natural testosterone production. As a male, estrogen levels can multiply as your fat percentage grows which immediately negatively impacts your testosterone status.

The aromatase agent which converts your testosterone into estrogen lives in fat cells. So look at it like this, the more fat you accumulate the worse state your natural testosterone production will end up in.

Does that make sense?

Lift Heavy

Something as simple as getting stronger can put your testosterone production into overdrive. You know my training recommendations revolve around using different rep counts, but don’t neglect the heavy stuff.

Deadlifting more weight than you’ve ever done before, or squatting bigger is going to make your body start producing more testosterone. The progressive overload on your body will mean that higher testosterone production will become a prerequisite in order to recover. You’re literally forcing your body to respond to the stress you’re placing upon it.

Food For Thought

The food you put into your mouth will also impact upon your testosterone production. You want to avoid processed food as much as you can. A lot of these foods and even the process they’re exposed to contain estrogens and toxins. Neither are good for testosterone health.

Here’s something else to consider with your diet.

Avoid under eating, this can effect the endocrine system if the body is starved of the nutrients it needs to create testosterone. Having some good fat in your diet will also help testosterone production and science supports this.

However, don’t use this as a reason to over eat and get fat, you know that’s not good. If you’re eating salmon, steak, some whole eggs and nuts in your diet you’ve got enough fat right there to get the job done.

Thanks for stopping by.
Kris Gethin

PS Alcohol is something else you’ve gotta’ address brother to max out your natural testosterone. Cut it out, there’s no exceptions here.