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Natural Bodybuilder Gets Shredded in Just Days With Razor Ripped

In natural bodybuilding circles, there's a crucial difference between being a chiseled mass of muscle and being competition-ready. You can be the envy of every hardcore weight trainer down at your local gym, but still look like a rank pretender on the Muscle Stage. Simply put, it's not enough to be big. You've got to be totally shredded. Water weight must be dialed down to just the right level and every fiber of muscle tissue has to pop under those spotlights. That's one lesson competitive bodybuilders learn the first time they ascend to the stage.

Fortunately for Raffi Melkonian, he had a distinct advantage as he prepared for his natural bodybuilding debut at the 2008 NPC Mid-West Naturals XXI. A friend of his who works as a high-profile fitness model for national publications had told Raffi about a new BioQuest product called Razor Ripped, an extreme definition formula that more and more models, celebrities, and athletes are turning to for its maximum strength highly targeted definition enhancing power.
It helped me achieve a lean, dry, hard muscular physique, while also retaining maximum muscular fullness. I never experienced any discomfort or cramping.
            "I had used other well-known, brand-name definition products before," Raffi remembers. "But they were unreliable. Some were not effective at all, and left me with significant degrees of water retention and bloating. Others were at the opposite extreme, causing cramping and discomfort while leaving my muscles looking flat. When you're under the lights on stage, looking flat is the worst thing that can happen to you. You look like you don't belong up there."

Razor RippedThe young bodybuilder didn't place in the Top 3 at the Mid-West Naturals (which would have been frankly unprecedented for a first-time entrant), but he did make an excellent showing at the event, more than justifying all of his high-intensity training efforts and motivating him to enter more competitions in the near future. He credits Razor Ripped with helping him make a dramatic impression.

"I took Razor Ripped for 5 days before the event and it really made a profound impact," he says. "It helped me achieve a lean, dry, hard muscular physique, while also retaining maximum muscular fullness. I never experienced any discomfort or cramping. Even my energy was way up, due to Razor Ripped's thermogenic compounds which kept my metabolic rate and calorie burning peaked at optimum levels. I have to say, if anyone were to ask me, I'd tell them the same thing my friend told me. If you've got a specific upcoming target date for which you absolutely have to be rock-hard, tight, and toned, Razor Ripped is the way to go."

Indeed, Raffi has made such a great impression recently that he may soon be following his friend into the modeling profession. Meanwhile, he has two important summer dates on his calendar, the Grand Prix Nationals in Rockford, Illinois and the Muscle Mania competition in Miami, Florida.

"You can bet I'll be bringing my Razor Ripped along," Raffi says. "I wouldn't hit the stage without it."