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MYOZENE: The Most Powerful Muscle-Building Agent Ever Created?
Can a single drug-free product really produce the kind of extreme muscle growth you can visibly see week to week? Gains of up to 30lbs of rock hard muscle in a matter of just a few months? Along with dramatic increases in strength? Up until recently, we would have said these claims are absolute marketing hype but researchers (and even many competitive bodybuilders) are saying this innovative formula by BioQuest may do all of this and more. So to fully evaluate these bold statements, we've hired veteran sports supplement researcher and product expert, Anssi Manninen, who is the Senior Science Editor at Muscular Development magazine. Anssi has dug deep into the science behind MyoZene and reveals here, his in-depth findings.

As modern science delves deeper into the mysteries of muscular development, we learn that there are many complex mechanisms involved in muscle synthesis, which have never truly been addressed before in a single supplement. For one, science has recently figured out how to dramatically increase insulin to the level necessary to optimize amino acid uptake directly into muscle tissue, which in turn triggers new muscle growth. At the same time, researchers have created new, highly anabolic "engineered proteins" which are so rapidly absorbed that they can completely bypass the digestion process entirely, resulting in the fastest and most complete uptake into muscle tissue possible. Put another way, this combination of insulin and super proteins is about as close as we can get to shooting an injection of highly anabolic aminos directly into muscle tissue at the very moment when the body is primed for significant muscle growth.

To properly understand the significance of these emerging technologies, we must first appreciate the rare and precious muscle-building opportunity that presents itself--very briefly--after vigorous, sustained exercise. During the vast majority of your day, there are strict limits on how much protein your body can utilize. However, there is one precious anabolic window during which the normal rules of protein assimilation are suspended. This almost unlimited "fueling-up window" occurs in the two hours or so after an intense workout. During these two hours, glycogen- and amino acid-starved muscles are screaming for more fuel. However, technological limitations of protein design have severely limited our abilities to fully take advantage of this precious window of opportunity. More specifically, with even the purest whey isolates, the protein digestion process takes just too long to truly maximize the anabolic reactions that occur immediately following high-intensity training.

For years, bodybuilders and nutritionists have implemented this strategy by using fast-acting whey combined with dextrose, after training. It was an excellent concept and in fact, does contribute heavily to promoting muscle growth, but does it truly maximize the critical anabolic processes taking place at this crucial time? As good as it seemed, emerging research suggests that concept may have only been scratching the surface. The key is to raise insulin to a truly anabolic level, while flooding the muscles with the proper matrix of muscle-building amino acids. It is this exact sequence that activates muscle genes and ignites dramatic muscle growth. That has been the objective of post-workout nutrition all along but only recently has research identified the precise nutritional factors needed to fully accomplish this goal. Fortunately, one company has been quick to recognize the significant applications and tremendous potential this research has for bodybuilding. BioQuest appears to be the first to engineer a product, utilizing these new developments, to specifically act within the highly anabolic post-workout muscle-growth window. That formulation, MyoZene, is powered by a premium protein previously unavailable to athletes. This protein, which is the centerpiece of its formulation, is the first of its kind that has undergone such a high degree of hydrolysis that it is rapidly absorbed directly into the bloodstream, actually bypassing the standard digestion process. This is important for two reasons:
1) it strongly augments the insulin response
2) it allows the critical anabolic amino acids to be transported to muscle tissue fast enough to impact muscle gene expression and ignite muscle synthesis during the critical post-workout window.
The significance of the role of the insulin response in this equation is not to be understated. It is clearly the key to igniting protein synthesis and getting the critical amino acids transported to the muscle cells where they can form new muscle tissue. It is also the reason why some hardcore bodybuilders abuse insulin by directly injecting large doses immediately after training. Insulin administration can reportedly produce "rapid and noticeable [muscle] growth...almost immediately after starting insulin therapy" according to steroid expert Bill Llewellyn.(1) Of course, due to the obvious drawbacks to injecting insulin, athletes are now focused on nutritional interventions to elevate post exercise insulin levels. Simply put, without adequate insulin levels you can not build serious muscle mass. The MyoZene formula is actually the first I've seen that contains an ultra-potent matrix of insulinotropic factors engineered to unleash a large surge of anabolic insulin. These two technologies work synergistically to create the ideal environment for promoting extreme muscle growth. In short, the introduction of MyoZene marks the arrival of an entirely new science of ultra-precision-targeted muscle cell nutrition, repair, and growth.

Ultra-Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Fires Up a "Perfect Storm" of Muscle Cell Synthesis and Growth
MyoZene's protein is what truly sets it apart from any other product I've ever seen. In fact, its specialized premiumform of ultra-hydrolyzed whey protein has never before been used in any over the counter supplement according to representatives from the supplier that makes it. This highly complex hydrolysis process actually mimics our own digestive actions, thus making it a vastly superior way to utilize dietary proteins. According to the  manufacturer, who I spoke to directly, the protein molecules have been enzymatically cut down into the fastest-acting di- and tripeptides with a lower average molecular weight than anything this industry has ever seen before. At the same time, this unique hydrolyzation process leaves the superior amino profile of whey protein completely intact. These ultra-low molecular weight peptides in MyoZene are then rapidly taken up by the gut and released into the bloodstream where they transport the aminos directly into muscle tissue. Equally important is the fact that this ultra-hydrolyzed protein also significantly increases insulin secretion which further enhances transport of amino acids into the muscle tissue, where protein synthesis is stimulated. Obviously, these are the PRECISE mechanisms that ignite muscle synthesis and when implemented immediately following intense resistance exercise, can truly optimize this critical post-workout "anabolic cascade" resulting in extreme muscle growth.

To highlight this point, a recent study at the Copenhagen Muscle Research Center was implemented to determine the effects different protein-containing solutions have on insulin response and amino acid availability in healthy humans.(2) Four different solutions of 600 milliliters were used in this study. The glucose solution (control) contained only glucose, and the three additional solutions contained the same quantity of glucose and protein, but proteins were derived from different sources. This study indicated that:
    1. Ingestion of glucose and protein hydrolysate results in synergistic and fast increases in blood insulin. In fact, protein hydrolysates stimulated an increase in blood insulin that was two and four times greater than that produced by the intact (non-hydrolyzed) milk protein solution and glucose solution, respectively.

    2. Protein hydrolysates are absorbed at a faster rate from the small intestine than are intact milk proteins, as reflected by the rapid increase in the blood concentration of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) in peripheral blood.

    3. Whey protein hydrolysate elicited the greatest availability of amino acids during the three-hour postprandial (occurring after a meal) period. This difference was attributed to the rapid increase in blood amino acids evoked during the first 40 minutes of the digestive period, during which the increase was about 37% greater after the ingestion of whey protein hydrolysate solution than that after ingestion of the intact milk protein solution. The authors suggested that the association of high levels of blood amino acids and insulin might explain a superiority of protein hydrolysates over intact proteins in promoting better nitrogen utilization (i.e., greater anabolism), especially when administered in combination with high-glycemic carbohydrates.
More recently, Dr. Kaastra and co-workers determined the extent to which the combined ingestion of high-glycemic carbs and a protein hydrolysate (rich in small peptides), with or without additional free leucine, can increase insulin levels during post-exercise recovery.(3) Fourteen male athletes were subjected to three randomized crossover trials in which they performed 2 h of exercise. Thereafter, subjects were studied for 3.5 h during which they ingested carbs only, carbs + protein hydrolysate, or carbs + protein hydrolysate + free leucine in a double-blind fashion. The results revealed that blood insulin responses were 108% and 190% greater in the carbs + protein hydrolysate and carbs + protein hydrolysate + leucine trial, respectively, compared with the carbs only trial. This study also indicates that addition of free phenylalanine, as applied in earlier studies, is not necessary to obtain such high post-exercise insulin responses.

Similarly, a brand new study at the Maastricht University examined blood insulin responses after co-ingestion of protein hydrolysate (rich in small peptides) with and without additional free leucine with a single bolus of high-glycemic carbohydrate.(4) Again, subjects participated in 3 trials in which blood insulin responses were determined after the ingestion of beverages of different composition: carbs only, carbs + protein hydrolysate, or carbs + protein hydrolysate + free leucine. The result indicated that blood insulin responses were 66% and 221% greater in the healthy controls in the carbs + protein hydrolysate and carbs + protein hydrolysate + free leucine trials, respectively, compared with those in the carbs only trial. In other words, this study also demonstrated that co-ingestion of a protein hydrolysate with additional leucine strongly augments insulin secretion after the consumption of a single bolus of carbohydrate.

Collectively, this research points towards the conclusion that post-exercise drinks containing fast-acting insulinotropic protein hydrolysates, leucine, and high-glycemic carbs may well be the most potent muscle-building strategy currently available. There is simply no other type of sports supplement that so strongly influences all of the key anabolic processes, including insulin response, and amino acid uptake.

However, until the recent introduction of MyoZene, most all protein hydrolysate based products sold in the sports nutrition industry have actually contained very low amounts of peptides and the majority being in the form of large (slow-acting) oligopeptides which are of little use in promoting post-exercise anabolism. In other words, there is a simple form of hydrolyzed protein (i.e low degree hydrolysis) and a much more complex high-degree form (as in MyoZene). The difference between these two is truly night and day and only the latter has a significant effect on anabolism. In my humble opinion, the ideal protein for the post-exercise drinks is a whey protein hydrolysate with a very high degree of hydrolysis (as contained in MyoZene). Such a hydrolysate (providing a mixture of small peptides and free amino acids) is absorbed ultra-rapidly and produces strong pharmacological effects (e.g., insulin secretion, increased IGF-1, and immediate muscle protein synthesis).

"The Ultimate Post-Workout Supplement for Boosting Anabolic Response"

"To me, the perfect post workout drink would augment recovery, boost the anabolic response of training, decrease skeletal muscle catabolism, increase cellular hydration, decrease oxidative stress, maintain and enhance the immune system and improve performance. I know what you're thinking... There is no way a post exercise drink could do all of that and be affordable. Well, my friends, yes it is possible and it has been done. BioQuest has created the ultimate post workout drink called MyoZene. MyoZene was scientifically engineered to be the most advanced post-exercise nutrition based on the work of leading scientists from all over the world. It contains the highest quality nutrients that work synergistically to accomplish my goals for the perfect post-workout supplement. If you are serious about your training, then I would highly recommend MyoZene for your post workout nutrition."
--Jeffrey R. Stout, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Stout, Ph.D. is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). In 2001, he was named the leading young scientist of the year by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He has served as advisor to major supplement companies, including Met-Rx, GNC and EAS and has authored numerous peer reviewed books and articles on supplementation for strength and endurance athletes.

A Significant Dose of Extra Leucine Further Amplifies Muscle Anabolism
In addition to the ultra-hydrolyzed proteins and high-GI carbs, MyoZene contains an ultra-potent dose of the key branched-chain amino acid leucine, which acts as a nutrient signal to stimulate muscle protein anabolism. After exercise, recovery of muscle protein synthesis requires dietary protein or branched-chain amino acids to increase tissue levels of leucine.(5) A well-controlled study by Dr. Koopman and colleagues examined post-exercise muscle protein synthesis and whole body protein balance following the combined ingestion of high-glycemic carbohydrate with or without whey protein hydrolysate and/or leucine.(6) The results revealed that the co-ingestion of leucine even further increases the net protein balance, compared with carbohydrate and whey protein hydrolysate ingestion. The authors concluded that, "the additional ingestion of free leucine in combination with protein and carbohydrate likely represents an effective strategy to increase muscle anabolism following resistance exercise."

More recently, Dr. Crowe and co-workers investigated the effects of leucine supplementation on the exercise performance of well-trained athletes.(7) The subjects underwent testing before and after six weeks of supplementation with either leucine or placebo. The results revealed that leucine supplementation significantly improved endurance performance and upper body power. Researchers suggested that the performance-enhancing effects of leucine were likely related to a reduction in skeletal muscle damage with training and/or an increase in skeletal muscle protein anabolism.

A Crucial Evolutionary Leap Forward in Protein Supplementation Science
With the introduction of MyoZene, we see the beginning of an evolution in the application and theory of protein supplementation in support of muscle growth. Where formerly the emphasis was on massive amounts of protein consumption administered indiscriminately throughout the day, now we have more of an emphasis on the "when" and "how" of protein consumption. A precision-targeted technology tailored to the body's natural rhythms of repair and growth makes perfect sense, and is, in fact, poised to usher in a new era of truly prodigious standards of muscle mass increase. Clearly, ever-swifter protein uptake and utilization, coupled with more efficient insulin response and activity, are essential aspects of superior muscle function and growth. MyoZene is the first high-performance nutritional matrix created entirely as a reflection of this philosophy.

As an editor of a leading bodybuilding magazine, this is an area that I have studied intimately over the years and it is with the utmost enthusiasm that I can recommend MyoZene as a legitimate muscle enhancement agent based on precise and proven scientific principles. When consumed immediately following intense resistance exercise, there is no question MyoZene will activate the key anabolic mechanisms needed for rapid and dramatic muscle growth. As a result, MyoZene is a product that will help promote significant visible gains in lean mass.