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Mickey Carolan

Starting Weight: 168 lbs
Current Weight: 148 lbs

My Story: The story started in the beginning of December when my beautiful wife said to me, "Omar said you should do the Belding show."  I knew what she was referring to, and quite frankly I was puzzled.  Her subconscious must have betrayed her, because she and I both know that when I set out to do something I tend to get "tunnel vision" which impacts everything else in my life, particularly her.

22 weeks, 154 days, 40 refeed meals, 4 cheat meals, numerous hours in the gym and even more time in the kitchen here I am, transformed into a Natural bodybuilder getting ready to step up on stage wearing damn near nothing.

Like most men, I tend to be stubborn, particularly when it comes to what I was doing in the gym as well as out of it...what many of you may not know is that at the heaviest point in my life I was 190 lbs.  I managed to get the first 20 or so off by myself before our wedding day.  But the last 20 or so...well that is where Omar from Body By "O" came into play.   I lost nearly 20 lbs during this prep.

Now, mind you Omar didn't give me "magic" nutrition information, nothing that if I knew what I was doing at the time I couldn't have figured out.  But what he did give me was an accountability point person.  He gave me "no-frills" feedback and his no-bs approach is often what I needed.  In addition to the truthful feedback, he saw my potential and believed in my ability to wreak havoc on my competition this weekend before I did.  For that I am forever grateful.

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