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MERATRIM: Advanced New Herbal Formulation Delivers Dramatic Weight Loss Results
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Researchers recently presented their stunning findings on a novel and exciting herbal weight loss formulation called Meratrim, at the 29th Annual Scientific Obesity Meeting in Orlando, Florida. Their report focused on the efficacy and tolerability of this synergistic formulation comprising the extracts Sphaeranthus indicus and Garcinia mangostana for weight management, documented in two separate, landmark, randomized, double blind, placebo controlled clinical trials, that involved 100 human subjects, both male and female with a BMI of 30 to 40. (This type of study is considered to be the gold standard in scientific literature.)

Subjects received either 400 mg of Meratrim orally twice daily or placebo capsules. All participants followed a calorie-controlled diet (2000 Kcal/day, 61.4% carbohydrates, 13.5% protein, 24.9% fat) and a moderate 30-minute walking regimen (5 days a week) for 8 weeks total time. At the end of both 8-week studies, the scientists documented a significant net reduction in body weight, BMI, waist and hip circumferences in the subjects supplemented with Meratrim, versus the placebo group. These remarkable findings were even more impressive because they additionally found that the subjects who took Meratrim also had a reduction in blood cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose and LDL/HDL ratio, and an increase in fat metabolites (indicating a breakdown of body fat). Another very compelling observation by researchers was major adverse events were reported by the participants during the study duration. The study's authors concluded, "Therefore, Meratrim provided an effective and safe approach to weight management."

The combined results of two separate, preliminary, randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled studies, showed Meratrim significantly reduced body weight by 11.5 pounds in just eight weeks! Equally impressive, significant reductions in body weight of 4.5 pounds were documented in a mere two weeks time.
In what appears to be two of the most impressive studies ever rendered in the Diet Support category, new Meratrim significantly reduced body weight by 11.5 pounds after just 8 weeks, which was 3.5 times better than placebo. During this landmark study, a significant reduction in body weight of 4.5 pounds was documented in as early as 2 weeks! BMI was reduced 3.6 times better than placebo. Meratrim significantly reduced waist hip ratio 2 times better than placebo with a remarkable reduction of 4.7 inches in the waist and 2.5 inches in the hip.

What makes these findings even more remarkable is that they are the result of not one but two major clinical studies. It's a rarity anymore to find this much enthusiasm and effectiveness for a new botanical diet supplement blend. The researcher's summation comments below speak volumes for this newcomer's benefits and efficacy:
"This synergistic composition of Meratrim, composed of S. indicus and G. mangostana extracts administered at a daily dose of 800 mg to the subjects resulted in a significant reduction in body weight and altered key metabolic biomarkers associated with excess body weight, blood sugar control and cardiovascular health. In addition, analysis of various safety parameters in blood and urine; and adverse events observed during the study, coupled with a broad spectrum safety evaluation, indicate that Meratrim is effective and safe for human consumption."

Scientific Reference:
Stern, et al (2012). Manuscript in preparation.

"Meratrim brand proprietary blend of two natural plant extracts.
"Meratrim is exclusively distributed by InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc."