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Making the Case for Casein

Making the Case for Casein
BioQuest has a well-earned reputation for launching trends rather than following them, and their new premium-quality overnight, extended-release protein is just the latest example of that leadership.

In the recent past, overnight and extended-release proteins have been the "neglected stepchild" of the protein category. Many manufacturers save the spotlight for their fast-acting whey isolate and hydrolyzed whey products, while overnight formulas have been a repository for subpar protein content like whey concentrate, sodium caseinate or potassium caseinate. This refusal to bring their "A" game to the overnight protein category is a glaring omission on the part of manufacturers for a number of reasons, the most prominent of which has to do with nitrogen balance.

Maintaining a positive nitrogen balance is considered a key foundational step for maximum muscularity. Remember that nitrogen status is inextricable from your protein status because only proteins (not fats or carbs) contain nitrogen. At any given moment throughout the day, your body's state of nitrogen balance can be characterized in one of three ways. It can be neutral, which means your diet is providing as much nitrogen as the amount of nitrogen used by the body to maintain a status quo. It can be negative, which means your diet is not providing the necessary amounts of nitrogen needed by all of the tissues of the body to adequately, repair, recover and build the proteins needed for growth.

Or your nitrogen balance can be positive.  This is the state you must achieve and as you might expect, a missed meal or snack can tilt the tables of your nitrogen balance from positive to neutral to negative very quickly. Remember, too, that sleep equates to 7 to 10 hrs of fasting. An extended-release protein like casein will ensure a steady release of amino acids into the blood stream over 7 hours. For this reason alone, the importance of a protein which allows for more of its amino acids to be available over the long term to maintain a positive balance is extremely important. This is where a superior-quality micellar casein like BioQuest's Ultimate Casein can make all the difference.

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Ultimate Casein: Bodybuilding's First Super-Premium Micellar Casein

The research team at BioQuest has recognized the serious lack of quality extended-duration protein products in the bodybuilding marketplace. And, with Ultimate Casein, they've done something about it. As with every product in their line, BioQuest drives innovation by getting all the details exactly right. When looking for a protein source designed to provide support over the long haul, the search begins and ends with micellar casein. While whey protein typically provides a rapid increase in blood amino levels and protein synthesis (making it invaluable to bodybuilders), the prolonged release time typical of micellar casein has its own distinctive benefits for muscle growth support. Micellar casein forms a gel in the stomach that allows it to be absorbed slowly and steadily over a longer period of time, a process that has been shown to result in a 34% reduction in protein breakdown. This slow absorption rate allows for higher, more balanced, leucine levels over the extended period, setting the stage for an anti-catabolic effect that can last several hours. Thus, the slow digestion rate of casein effectively primes the various levels of body proteins for maximum growth and recovery.

Keep in mind when adding a casein protein to your regimen that micellar casein is the correct choice, not sodium caseinate or potassium caseinate. Some manufacturers will add these inferior forms to bulk up their casein formulas, but they do not behave the same way upon ingestion and subsequently won't provide the same results. Micellar casein, on the other hand, is anabolically superior and is the type upon which research on casein has been based.

A Superior Protein Source Specifically Designed to Go the Distance

The micellar casein in BioQuest's new Ultimate Casein is processed via an advanced microfiltration process that yields the purest, most undenatured form with the highest amounts of bioactive peptides and other powerful growth factors. The efficacy of a superior micellar casein source has been underlined in research (Boirie, Dangin et al. 1997; Dangin, Boirie et al. 2001) which showed how the slow-digesting properties of micellar casein provide both a potent increase of critical amino acids into the blood and robust increases in muscle growth, while also invoking a powerful attenuation of protein breakdown.

The superior grade of micellar casein found in Ultimate Casein has also been enhanced with added BCAAs for even greater for even greater muscle growth support. It should also be said that the inferior casein forms included in most manufacturers' overnight proteins have developed a reputation for poor taste. The premium grade of casein in Ultimate Casein, on the other hand, results in a smooth, creamy, luscious taste and texture completely unprecedented in a casein supplement.

A positive balance of nitrogen must be sustained for you to support hard-earned gains in muscle mass. To achieve this goal, research data suggests that consuming ideal amounts of a high-quality micellar casein product (such as found in Ultimate Casein) will facilitate the optimal muscular environment required for you to adapt, recover and grow. BioQuest's latest addition to its line of proteins is essential supplementation for use at bedtime or any time during the day when you expect a sizable gap between meals.

All in all, Ultimate Casein is just what you'd expect from BioQuest: a new gold standard in the category of overnight, extended-release muscle support.

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