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Make Your New Year's Resolution a Success with Vectron

A New Bio-Active Fat-Burning Protein

Here we go again. Another year to dream big about your ideal physique. The question is, are you just going to dream again, only to endure disappointment as January turns into June and nothing much has changed?

Or is 2009 going to be the year that you turn your dreams into reality?

The start of a new year is the perfect time to set goals. If achieving new heights of muscularity and leanness has eluded you for more years than you care to remember, then here's some good news. New innovations in protein synthesis are emerging at an astounding rate, resulting in powerful new transformational technologies, including one new amazing new protein that may change forever the way athletes trim fat and support muscle mass.

Is Simultaneous Muscle Gain and Fat Loss Possible?

Packing on muscle while chiseling off body fat is tricky business. After all, it involves losing mass in one tissue (fat stores) while gaining mass in another tissue (muscle). If you vacuum in copious amounts of food, the anabolic stimulus provided by a surplus of calories will lead to muscle gains, but you'll undoubtedly pack on a layer of fat and end up like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. That's why most supplements and even diet and exercise plans ask you to target just one. Can you physiologically lose fat and build muscle concurrently? You can'"but you need precision tools.

One of the key tools is obviously protein. When it comes to protein sources you have many options. Whey is renowned for its high quality rating and regular use among bodybuilders. One of the reasons whey protein is so effective is because it exemplifies nutritional efficiency, a key concept well known to successful hardcore bodybuilders. Efficiency in this sense means providing maximum nutrition with the least amount of calories. Whey protein provides a powerful anabolic stimulus with minimal calories, but not all whey is created equal.

Getting More Nutritional Bang for Your Caloric Buck 
The Ultimate Whey Protein!

Though years of intensive research and development the world's leading whey protein provider, Glanbia Nutritionals, has created a specialized whey protein that has been clinically shown to isolate the most bioactive components of whey protein. The product is called Prolibra