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Landmark Clinical Test Documents Remarkable 26% To 32% Strength Increases

Once again, we've got to hand it to the tireless innovators at BioQuest. While lesser manufacturers throw up scientific "smoke screens" around their products, BioQuest never misses a chance to seek out new opportunities to independently and clinically validate their own formulations.

A recent clinical trial conducted by Douglas Kalman PhD, RD on healthy active males who participated in an exercise and nutrition program that featured Myozene, revealed bodybuilding results that were truly impressive. When MyoZene was consumed 45 minutes after completing the prescribed weight-lifting regimen (one that met the guidelines for hypertrophy training from the American College of Sports Medicine), participants experienced strength and muscular endurance gains of up to 32%, in addition to gains in lean muscle mass. This is most impressive considering creatine ingestion or protein alone result in considerably less strength, muscle, and endurance gains. Within the test's time frame (one month), the MyoZene-receiving subject group gained 26% to 32% strength/muscular endurance. The MyoZene-drinking subjects (ingesting one serving within 45 minutes of finishing the exercise session) also gained approximately 2.2 pounds of lean muscle within the month, while reducing some fat too.

Needless to say, this is an electrifying result. Recently, a significant number of "ultra-rapid-action" hydrolyzed protein products have begun appearing on the market, hoping to ride the wave of enormous positive feedback generated by MyoZene's breakthrough technology two years ago. Most of these products come with elaborate marketing claims and no clinical data to back them up. It's refreshing to see that one manufacturer, BioQuest, is stubbornly keeping to the ethical and scientific high road while others merely try to capitalize on others' successes. With clinical results like these, it's no wonder Myozene has become the preferred mass building choice by elite bodybuilders nationwide.

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