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Killer Kimmy
As if running the day-to-day business at Xtreme Couture Mixed Martial Arts in Las Vegas and trying to keep up with her husband Randy Couture"s zany schedule weren"t enough, Kim Couture wants to be a fighter. Check that, she is a fighter. On February 23rd she fought in an exhibition Muay Thai smoker and while her skills were fairly evenly matched with her opponent, she showed more toughness in her ability to take punches and kicks than give them.

That out of the way, she has taken the leap from a fight with head gear, shin gaurds and 16oz gloves lasting only 2 minutes for each of the 3 rounds, to a full-blown MMA fight with 3 rounds of five minutes each. No head or shin gear this time and she only has 4ounces of glove padding and her training to protect her. Couture will face fellow novice MMA fighter Jessica Cruz in Portland, Oregon on April 5th in an event promoted by Full Contact Fight Night, It will be televised on HDNET.

While this fight will be a huge step up from the smoker she did a few weeks ago, Couture says she is ready. "I learned I needed to work on my defense and footwork and now it will be a strength."

Couture admits she was not as mentally prepared as she should have been that first fight but vows it won"t happen again. "I was too relaxed, I didn"t wake up until the 3rd time I got hit. I was told my opponent was smaller than me and when she got in the ring she was a lot bigger than I thought. I was thinking there is nothing little about this girl. I will never go into another fight assuming anything. Be prepared for anything and if it"s less, then I would rather be pleasantly surprised."

Couture is more than prepared for anything as she has been training with some of the best striking, JuiJitsu, grappling, and MMA coaches in the business including world champion Robert Drysdale, Quinon Chong, Shawn Tompkins, Chris Ben, and her takedown coach, Randy Couture himself.

Couture is spending more time training now and less time being coached and has improved remarkably in the 5 weeks since her Muay Thai smoker. Her ground game is strong and her striking is precise and powerful so she will present a much better and more experienced overall fighter package when she faces Cruz this week.