Kevin Carr

Kevin Carr
Age: 55

Height: 5'9"

Starting weight: 260

Current Weight: 185

How long: 1 year

Being over-weight and unfit was something I experienced much of my adult life. I definitely knew how to put the pounds on and also how to take it off, and so I would be up 50 lbs. then down 40, up 60 and down 40. I didn't realize this time that I was up 100 lbs. When I started this new lifestyle on August 23, 2009, I wanted to lose just 50 lbs. and set a goal of doing it by the end of the year. By December 31, I Iost 47 lbs. and knew there was more to take off, so for the next 8 months, I shed more weight but knew that if I joined a gym, it would help to make me even better. I never seriously exercised a day in my life, never lifted weights and had no clue what "core" was. In the back of my head I still hear those words that I started saying to myself when this all began: "Never give in, never give up and never go back." Kevin Daniel Carr

Supplements used:
whey protein
fish oil omega 3
daily men's multi vitamin
amino acids

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