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Keep Your Peak Physique All Summer Long

Keep Your Peak Physique All Summer Long

Lean and Hard Stack for Men

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Summer is here . . . and the living is easy.

Sometimes, too easy.

We've all been there. A day in the gym turns into a day at the beach. Your typical lunch of baked chicken breast and steamed vegetables becomes pork ribs and potato salad at your friend's BBQ. A casein shake and early to bed is transformed into a night in the clubs.

It's one of life's ironies. All winter long you work hard to achieve your ideal summer beach body . . . and summer itself seems to undo your handiwork. But it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, maintaining your peak physique until Labor Day just requires a little due diligence in the form of a flexible training program and ramping up supplementation to counter the inevitable dietary detours that occur in summer's social whirl.

Make Time to Train
With regard to training, no one's social calendar is so full that he or she can't get to the gym four days in a week. If you can't, then you probably don't have a physique or figure that you're trying to maintain anyway. The key in the summer is to be flexible.

If you workout Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening at 5pm like clockwork, that's probably not going to work over July 4th weekend. Instead, you might want to substitute in an intensive, super-focused 30-minute workout before work. Or even fifteen minutes of super-intensity exercise at lunch time. always has you covered for varied, versatile, productive sample workouts of every sort, from superstar trainers like Josh Bryant, Todd Bumgardner, and Patrick Striet. Got a full day of activities planned? Check out Maximum Results in Minimum Time. Got just 15 minutes? Check out Fitter in 15!

Weight-Loss and Wellness Stack for Women

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Summer Supplement Stacking to
Burn Fat and Maintain Muscle

Guys, July may not be the month in which you're going to put on 15 pounds of rock-hard muscle. Likewise, ladies, you may not be attaining your long-sought goal weight on Labor Day. But that's not what you're trying to accomplish. What you're seeking is a smart, sensible regimen that maximizes energy, burns fat, supports muscle, and maintains the overall wellness that is the hallmark of a terrific physique or fabulous figure.

Fortunately, ProSource has you covered here as well. Our Lean and Hard Stack for Men addresses each and every vector of fat loss, muscle support, and wellness for the summer male, while our Weight-Loss and Wellness Stack for Women does the same for women. Both achieve this goal by focusing first on fat-loss with the category's most powerful thermogenic supplement, the new, amplified version of BetaStax. And, because maintaining maximum muscle mass is essential to burning fat, ProSource's Vectron helps you do just that while also shedding more fat via its unique fat-loss mechanism. Finally, we've got two superior, wide-spectrum multis to maintain the peak wellness you must manifest for a truly phenomenal physique or figure, one created specifically for men, one for women. Let's take a closer look.

Unleash a Perfect Storm of Fat-Destroying,
Workout-Energizing Thermogenic Power

Long days and nights of summer celebration will leave you weary, listless, and vulnerable to flab. If you want to avoid this fate in the summer of 2014, your timing is perfect, because there's a breakthrough evolution of a fat-loss legend newly arrived on the scene.

BetaStax Elite, a reinvention of the all-time best-selling product in its category here at ProSource, contains a super-comprehensive matrix of weight-loss factors, including a powerful new diet-support super ingredient designed to further target key mechanisms of serious metabolic enhancement and weight-loss support. Of course, BetaStax Elite also contains the key transformational mechanism that revolutionized the diet-support category -- an exclusive PureWay-Slim technology that delivers clinically validated and significant reductions in body weight, waist and hip circumferences in as little as two weeks.

Like the original, BetaStax Elite is also the category's premier energy stimulating thermogenic. With its proprietary Liquid SpeedCap technology, BetaStax Elite yields a truly awe-inspiring surge in energy and focus beginning within just minutes of a single dose. BetaStax Elite will help men and women achieve fat-loss results beyond anything previously possible, while the co-factors in these extraordinary summer fitness stacks expand the focus to include muscle maintenance as well.

World's First Clinically Validated Weight-Loss
Protein Provides Targeted Muscle Support

The bane of summer is empty calories. And the antidote to empty calories is high-quality protein. If you know you're going out later to a venue where you'll be hearing the siren song of junk calories, supplementing in advance with superior aminos is your best bet for suppressing counter-productive cravings. Make that protein an advanced sports nutrition technology that also attacks excess fat while maintaining muscle, and you've got a powerful advantage. You need muscle to burn fat, and Vectron is a powerful tool for attaining both results.

For the goal of fat reduction, no other protein supplement has been proven as effective as Vectron by ProSource. Vectron's patented fractionated protein formula called Prolibra is formed from partially hydrolyzed whey and is fortified with a state-of-the-art blend of minerals that work synergistically to support lean muscle, while promoting fat loss. Indeed, in a 12-week clinical trial published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, subjects taking Prolibra retained twice as much lean muscle while at the same time experiencing 79% fat-loss compared to the control group at 51% fat loss. Taking Vectron twice daily before meals has been shown to reduce blood glucose after meals and maintain muscle mass even under conditions of significant fat loss. All in all, Vectron supplementation results in healthy levels of blood sugar, decreased appetite, and decreased fat storage, all the while maintaining muscle tissue that is key to burning fat.

Overall Wellness is Essential
All the calorie management and exercise in the world will have minimal effect if your basic bodily processes are breaking down. That's where a comprehensive, wide-spectrum multivitamin, mineral, and antioxidant complex plays a key role. And, because the nutritional needs of men and women can vary in several important ways, ProSource has formulated two multis, both intended to support high-intensity fitness lifestyles, one for men and one for women.

ProSource's Vital Men's contains a complete spectrum of 23 vitamins and minerals in high potencies, plus antioxidant co-factors alpha lipoic acid and citrus bioflavonoids. Along with the full complement of basic nutrients, Vital Men's also includes nutrients important for men such as Korean ginseng for focus and cognition, as well as PABA (para aminobenzoic acid) to help potentiate norepinephrine levels for energy enhancement. Odorless garlic is also added for powerful free radical scavenging and helping maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Sexual support components in Vital Men's formula include raw oyster for healthy sexual function, plus saw palmetto, nettle root, pumpkin seed extract and lycopene for prostate protection. The idea behind a comprehensive men's formula such as Vital Men's is twofold: provide basic nutrient needs while also helping support specific issues important to men such as prostate health, sexual support and cognition enhancement.

ProSource Vital Women's also contains the complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals, while targeting specific areas such as bone health, supporting menstrual cycles and strengthening hair and nails. Along with a full spectrum of B complex vitamins for energy support, Vital Women's approach also includes calcium, magnesium and boron to help reduce risk for osteoporosis, plus biotin to enhance nail and hair strength, growth and texture.

Potent amounts of vitamins A, C and D are added plus a comprehensive mineral blend and vitamin E in the highly bioavailable d-alpha tocopherol form. In addition, horsetail herbal extract is added to support calcium absorption, citrus bioflavonoids are included for antioxidant protection and royal jelly powder is provided for immune system enhancement. Finally, Dong quai and black currant are added for hormonal support.

And there you have it, all the supplementation you need to look and feel as good on Labor Day as you did on Memorial Day. Let the excesses of summer come calling. With the Lean and Hard Stack for Men or the Weight-Loss and Wellness Stack for Women, you've got the edge you need to stroll the beach, boardwalk or dance floor with confidence!

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