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Keep It Off!

Keep It Off!

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Buy Best Protein on Sale

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Summer is over, which for many of you means less opportunity to show off those awesome abs you were sporting all season. Unfortunately, this is where you can quickly find yourself at a crossroads.

Take the high road and you'll be able to sustain and maintain your weight-loss achievement while turning your attention to loftier goals. Take the low road and you'll soon join the legions of people who slowly undo the fabulous work they have done and gain back the weight and fat you lost. It is sad, but studies indicate that a large proportion of people gain back all or a significant portion of the weight they lose within a year. Purely from a calories-in versus calories-out perspective, maintaining weight loss should be easier than losing weight, but that is obviously not the case.

Sustain and Maintain
Too many people never truly adopt their new lifestyle and instead follow an over-the-top diet approach that leads to weight loss, but cannot be maintained.Then, after you are mentally exhausted from depriving yourself of seemingly everything, you stop following your diet and go back to a good bit of the bad things you were doing before.

Make no mistake about it, losing weight is not easy. It starts by knowing how many calories you are bringing in each day and also how many calories you are burning each day. This is no easy task and many people miss their target by as much as 25-40%. The result is a disconnect in which you think you have really burned a good number of calories or had a killer diet day, when in fact it was average at best.

Take the High Road
Regardless, making improvements in your diet and working hard at your exercise program can occur each day and this should be a key goal for everyone: make today better than yesterday! Some days you will nail it; some days you won't.

From a dietary perspective, watching your overall caloric intake is critically important and at the end of the day is the most important consideration. But an excellent way to help this process along is to maximize and increase your intake of protein. A good bit of scientific evidence exists to indicate that consuming a diet which contains a higher intake of dietary protein can stimulate weight loss and ensure greater amounts of this lost weight comes from fat (Layman, Boileau et al. 2003, Arciero, Ormsbee et al. 2013).

In fact, a very recent study was published in Obesity and had study participants reduce their caloric intake by 75% (a common caloric restriction for weight loss) and consume as many as six meals per day with each meal providing either 15% or 35% protein. As seen in this study and a number of other studies, when caloric intake is restricted through dieting and a greater amount of protein is consumed, significantly greater amounts of fat loss were experienced (Arciero, Ormsbee et al. 2013).Moreover, greater rates of calorie burning were found and better improvements in fat-free mass occurred.

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Buy Best Diet Pill on Sale

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this product!
A Premium-Quality Whey Protein
Is a Powerful Tool for Staying Lean

While this may sound easy, consuming six meals per day that contain 35% protein can be quite the task.Fortunately, products like ProSource's NytroWhey Ultra Elite can be added to your diet to allow you to quickly and easily consume a high-protein meal that provides very little extra carbohydrate or fat. Indeed a top-quality whey like NytroWhey Ultra Elite is low in both carbs and fat, while providing a cuttng-edge blend of whey isolates, whey hydrolystates, and an advnaced leucine-bound leucine peptide technology that are essential to supporting the muscle that uses body fat as energy.

How Much Protein Is Enough?
How much protein is needed or how much is too much (or not enough?). Answers to these excellent questions can come directly from a study by Pasiakos where they had men and women create a 40% shift in energy balance (through a combination of diet and exercise) while feeding participants a diet that provided 1x, 2x or 3x the RDA for dietary protein.

The most weight loss occurred in the 1x the RDA group, but too much of this weight was muscle. When 2x the RDA was consumed significant amounts of weight loss occurred and an excellent proportion of this lost weight came from fat as opposed to muscle, resulting in favorable improvements in body composition after just three weeks of dieting and exercising.In this respect, study participants who ingested 3x the RDA also saw amounts of weight loss and fat loss, thus the ideal amount of protein during an aggressive short-term diet and exercise approach may be somewhere between 2 – 3x the RDA (Pasiakos, Cao et al. 2013).

Again, consuming a diet with this much high-quality protein can be challenging simply from the perspective of preparing and packing the food.This instance is one where an excellent product like NytroWhey Ultra Elite can help you achieve your necessary intakes of protein while minimizing the burden of following this kind of program.

Buy Best CLA on Sale
Buy Best CLA on Sale

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this product!
Diet Supplements to the Rescue
Optimal caloric intake and delivering enough protein to facilitate fat loss and maximize body composition changes are key considerations. In addition, carefully selecting a high-powered thermogenic and dietary aid can nicely round out and maximize your body's fat-burning ability.

Beta-Stax Elite from BioQuest is an excellent product for this consideration as it brings to the table a combination of ingredients purported to be effective for weight loss and fat loss. BetaStax Elite's key active ingredient, Pure-Way Slim, is a proprietary blend supported by previous clinical research to facilitate greater weight loss and drive greater cognitive power towards your weight loss efforts. Beta-Stax Elite also contains raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract, two ingredients that have received support from cell culture, animal and human research as ingredients that can aid in fat burning and weight loss (Shimoda, Seki et al. 2006, Park 2010, Vinson, Burnham et al. 2012, Lopez, Ziegenfuss et al. 2013).

Finally, the non-stimulant unique group of fatty acid, conjugated linoleic acids (CLA), continue to be a popular choice for people looking to maintain their weight and lose fat. For years, animal research has supported the use of CLA as a fat loss agent. Human research using CLA is widespread as well and an excellent scientific review written by Whigham indicates that CLA exhibits a definite, but modest ability to stimulate weight loss, fat loss and overall improvements in body composition (Whigham, Watras et al. 2007). When choosing a CLA product, keep in mind that Tonalin CLA has long been the gold standard in this category. ProSource CLA contains 100% Tonalin-sourced CLA.

The end of summer brings its own challenges and one of the biggest challenges is working to build upon your successful efforts to lose weight and improve your physique. With colder temperatures, your workouts may become shorter, less intense and less frequent which means your dietary choices become more important.By increasing your protein intake, watching your calories and adding a few other ingredients into your daily regimen, you can help you to sustain your weight loss and potentially even shed a few more pounds going into the holidays.

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