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Joseph Valdez

Starting Weight: 115 lbs
Current Weight: 160 lbs

Time it took to complete Transformation: 2 years

My Story: My whole life, I've always been known to being the "small kid." I ate everything and would not gain a single pound to save my life. I was always really short and scrawny, but I was very fast at running and playing sports. When I entered high school, I was 4'10" weighing at a whopping 92 pounds. It was very tough not being made fun of. It was DAILY! I had a growth spurt in the summer going to 10th grade, but I was still scrawny. I went all through high school weighing no more than 115 pounds at 5 foot 7 inches. After graduation, 5 months later I joined the sheriff's department-corrections division. I worked 8 months in a police uniform weighing 115 still. I knew I had to change. Thanks to dedicated lifting, proper diet, and supplementation, I now weigh 160 and have a huge reputation with 17 inch arms. I'm still improving myself and I never see myself quitting. Thank you ProSource.

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