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Joe Weider Inducted Into The First Ever Muscle Beach Hall Of Fame
The godfather of bodybuilding -- Joe "The Master Blaster" Weider -- was inducted into the first ever Muscle Beach Hall of Fame on the Labor Day weekend. He attained this honor in large part due to celebrity support from friends new and old, including Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Colombo, Rachael McLeish, F lex Editor In Chief -- Peter McGough, Roland Kickinger and Bob Chick to name a few. Arnold gave one of his most positive and supportive speeches to date, paying tribute to Joe, who offered him the opportunities needed to become a successful bodybuilder/actor/governor. "Joe was the one that brought me here to California. He bought me my first car and got me a builder's job to help start me off. From there I made my own decisions for my future, but Joe was always like a father for me supporting and giving me the advice I needed. Once again I want to thank you Joe for making the man I am today." Arnold smiled as a huge cheer rose up from the sun-baked crowd. A frail but strong-willed Joe Weider was helped to the stage by Franco Colombo to except his award and to give his own humble speech reminiscing about times past and the mental strength that is required to achieve bodybuilding success. "I love you all. I consider you all to be my children," announced Joe to the hundreds of fans and amateur competitors taking part in the Labor Day Muscle Beach contest. "Last year I had major back surgery which was very hard on me. But I'm getting better because one thing I learned years ago is that bodybuilders are tough, and I'm tough," shouted an inspiring Weider, who was also joined on stage by his devoted wife Betty. To conclude, Jerome Ferguson posed to his trademark "Who Let The Dogs Out" musical accompaniment, much to the laughter of Arnold, Franco, and company.
Joe, Arnold, Betty and Leroy Colbert looking at an old bodybuilding scribe
Franco, Joe and Rachael
FLEX Editor n Chief Peter McGough with Betty Weider