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Joe Grossi

Joe Grossi

Starting Weight: 180 lbs
Current Weight: 192 lbs

My Story: I took this depressed, fat, beer-guzzling slob and sparked a new inner fire that RAGED with a passionate, bloodthirsty drive to become the best that I could be. The going was tough at first... weighing out my asparagus to the gram while rushing to work in the morning was not my idea of fun! I quickly learned what foods to use, what foods were important to measure, and how to place meal timing. Diet was tricky, but vital! Training came natural to me. My form was self-taught with internet videos and pictures, and I learned what worked for MY body. I went from lifting in my parents basement to taking on the gyms of Boston, lifting weights I never thought possible. Bodybuilding molded this "boy's" personality into a true warrior. When my deadlifts passed 500lbs for reps, infused with strength and will power I thought but a dream, and then following the gym session with a day trip with my new girl, all while keeping my life in a perfect balance... I knew I had obtained success!

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