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Jay's Way

Jay's Way

ProSource Exclusive Interview with Jay Cutler,
4X Mr. Olympia and CEO of Cutler Nutrition

If the conversation we shared with 4-time Mr. Olympia and bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler were transcribed below with 100% accuracy, it would include a lot more exclamation marks. Double and triple exclamation marks, in fact, because that’s the way Jay is. He approaches every subject of importance to him with maximum enthusiasm and undivided attention.

Jay Cutler in the GymWhen he ruled the bodybuilding world from 2006 through 2010 (with a brief detour in 2008), Jay’s enthusiasm manifested itself in unbridled generosity, not just with the fans, but with his competitors as well. Interviews with him during this period always contain lengthy digressions about the strengths of rivals like Dennis Wolf, Kai Greene, and especially aspiring up-and-comers like future champ Phil Heath. Where some elite bodybuilders would jealously hoard the spotlight, Jay always saw the larger picture. His vision of bodybuilding has always been all-inclusive and welcoming; his happiness -- infectious.

In the process, he has become arguably the best ambassador the sport of bodybuilding has ever seen. Today, that generosity and investment in bodybuilding’s future is evident in his extensive involvement in the sport at the NPC level, his many business enterprises, and his ongoing and rigorous expo appearance schedule.

A Force of Nature

While Jay may have stepped down from the competitive bodybuilding stage, he’s still the center of attention wherever he goes. When he appears among fans of the sport, as he did recently on the expo floor at the 2015 Arnold Classic, the buzz around him is electric; and not just because he still looks like he’s about two weeks of prep work away from having an inside track to a 2015 Sandow show, either.

Fans gravitate toward him; aspiring bodybuilders seek (and receive) treasured nuggets of training advice from him. You get a vivid sense that Jay is just as happy to be at the Arnold Classic as any of the fans in attendance. By the time Jay makes it to the ProSource booth for our interview, he’s left a long trail of smiling fans behind him.

Building an Empire

Of course, there’s another aspect of Jay’s Way. All that goodwill he forged on his journey to the summit of bodybuilding has served him well in his current business ventures. Look back at those interviews with him in the lead-up to big events on the bodybuilding calendar. Jay is happy to talk about his efforts for building up ‘this or that’ body part, his strategies for bulking and cutting, and his perspective on the business side of the industry.

The smile and the easy-going manner never quite conceal his ambitious eye - focused always on the future. Yes, Jay is fun to be with on the floor of the Arnold, but his Cutler Nutrition line commands its presence on the retail floor as well. The man is always two or three moves ahead of the competition.

These days, Jay still trains hard, though much of each day is devoted to business, travel, and contractual appearances. We were glad to have the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

ProSource: First and foremost, we have to ask you: Do you miss the competition? Do you miss orienting your day around preparation for one single upcoming IFBB event? What are you doing now to fulfill the urge to battle and win?

Jay Cutler:I don't think I really miss competing, but I do miss the lights of the stage and the fans going crazy. That’s really what I competed so long for. I do not miss the prep much. But nowadays as I have much more time to focus on my business and my branding which is still growing very rapidly!

ProSource: Tell us what a typical day in the life of Jay looks like these days.

Jay Cutler: Everyday is different, I’m either on the road or home a day or two in Las Vegas. I work daily on Cutler Nutrition, Cutler Athletics, and my various NPC events that I co-promote. It seems like the days are longer and more challenging! I still get my cardio in daily but even training daily can be a challenge, especially with my international trips. I focus everyday on getting in 12 hours of pure biz and the rest is catch up.

ProSource: You’ve still got a competition-worthy physique. What are your workouts like, these days? Are you maintaining what would be considered an off-season regimen?

Jay Cutler:Workouts now are more focused on pumps and less on weight. My challenge now is to hit it hard and steady for 30 to 40 minutes without any distractions. Three to five days a week of high-intensity weight training while maintaining a clean diet and supplement program to boot. Still one to two body parts a day, 8 to 12 reps on everything.

ProSource: Everywhere you go, upcoming amateur bodybuilders are looking to you for advice. What do you tell a new competitor looking to join the pro ranks?

Jay Cutler: I tell these new guys to go steady and smooth, never rush. Time is what builds muscle, so the diet, training, and rest patterns all have to create the perfect environment to get the best results. Never "say" what you are gonna do, rather give it your all, and produce.

Jay Cutler CEOProSource: You’re making a lot of news on the business side of bodybuilding these days, with your BPI Sports partnership and with your own line. How much of your own training and supplementing philosophy is represented in Cutler Nutrition? What are the most important qualities in the supplements you take?

Jay Cutler: I always have taken supplements either for performance or for recovery and my brand represents that. I've focused on coming out with products to be used for any type of  athlete. From competitive bodybuilders, women, or to anyone just trying to stay in the best physical shape possible. Proteins to thermogenics, test boosters to anabolic or anti-estrogen products. There is something for everyone in my line of products and they are formulated to the highest standards.

ProSource: Here at ProSource, your Cutler Nutrition products are selling well. Which aspect of ProSource’s long retailing history in the sport fits best with Cutler Nutrition?

Jay Cutler:I have had a relationship with ProSource for many years and the people there have made tremendous contributions to the sport. Just the editorial content they produce, through the website and catalogs has always allowed the consumer to gain as much knowledge as possible, which is essential to reaching your goals in our sport. ProSource has always been the place to read up on the newest trends and products. There was a time when that information wasn’t easily available, and even today it’s important to have a credible, experienced voice out there offering advice. I’ve always appreciated the ProSource approach and their passion for the industry of fitness.

ProSource: Are you surprised that Phil Heath is still the guy? Can he put up a Ronnie Coleman or Dorian Yates string of Sandows? Who among the top competitors do you think has the best chance of unseating him? Why?
Jay Cutler: Phil will win as long as he wants to. I’ve said this from day one that he would be the "man" and my prediction is only looking better as we go forward. Can he win 8??  9??? 10!!!!!!? That’s the big question, but I’m very excited to sit and watch each year, that’s for sure! Go Phil!!

ProSource: If 41-year-old Jay Cutler could go back and give 25-year-old Jay Cutler one piece of advice, what would it be?

Jay Cutler: Advice to me at 25? I would say, “Enjoy the ride cause this one’s gonna be a long one, and a very successful one!!!

ProSource: Thanks, Jay, for sharing with our readers.

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