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Jay Cutler Charts A New Course

Jay Cutler Charts A New Course


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In September, when the most awe-inspiring physiques in the world converge on Las Vegas for the 2014 Olympia Weekend, there will be one glaring absence at center stage. Four times, he held the Sandow aloft, and his rivalry with Ronnie Coleman is one of the sport's defining legends. Today, legions of Jay Cutler fans are only just now realizing that their hero may be moving on to a different kind of competitive stage.

A lot of athletes seem a little lost when they cede the spotlight to a new generation of professional athletes, but you needn't worry about  Jay. The man who wrote a book combining bodybuilding and business advice called "CEO Muscle" back when his career was just taking off, has long had his end game in place.

These days, you can find him meeting and greeting his fans at any one of dozens of lifestyle expos and retailing conventions where his Cutler Nutrition products are featured. Or you might find him at one of bodybuilding's major events, still acting as one of the greatest ambassadors the sport has ever known. He still makes the rounds of local TV and radio, and his social media presence has exploded to the point where his Facebook Likes alone are approaching 5 million. And, as always, you can find him in the gym, at home or on the road, still pumping the iron that made him famous.

In short, it's a good time to be Jay.

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We sat down and talked with Jay about sports and business topics recently, and you can be sure he had some very interesting opinions.

ProSource: Jay! Thanks for visiting! You know we have to ask this, so let's get it out of the way. Do you have any plans for future competitions? If not, what would have to happen to make you want to return to the stage?
Jay Cutler: This is a question I'm being asked daily. Although I have not officially retired from competing, I am not planning on doing the O this year. As for 2015, I haven't yet decided. What would have to happen for me to compete again? My life would have to slow down, and since the launch of Cutler Nutrition that is not going to happen anytime soon.
ProSource: You've always been one of the great ambassadors of the sport of bodybuilding. Now that you're 40, what are you doing to promote the sport to a new generation of athletes?
Jay Cutler: I am still doing exactly what I have always done for the sport, if not more. I am always promoting the sport. I have a supplement company; I host NPC events carrying the Jay Cutler name and brand; I have an athletic line; and I'm still booked all over doing guest and charity events worldwide. I'm actually able to do more since I'm not competing as much!
ProSource: What are your workouts like, these days? Are you maintaining what would be considered an off-season regimen?
Jay Cutler: I still train at least 5 days a week, cardio probably 7 days a week. The focus is on a more leaner and tighter physique, rather than being massive and ripped! I still eat at least 4 to 7 meals daily and eat on the same diet I ate for over 20 years, just a lot less.


ProSource: Up until 2012, you had put together an amazing two-decade streak of avoiding major injury. How does your approach to bodybuilding help you avoid all-to-common career-threatening injuries?

Jay Cutler: I train very smart, train for feel rather than nonstop heavy weights. I do so much more than lift and eat. I do kettle bells, pilates, and stretch daily (using machines even) to ensure my body can take the continuous pounding that is a must to compete at the top level.

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ProSource:  You're making a lot of news on the business side of bodybuilding these days, with your AMI/FLEX partnership, with BPI Sports, and with your own line. How much of your own training and supplementing philosophy is represented in Cutler Nutrition? What are the most important qualities in the supplements you take?
Jay Cutler: I only support what I take, so we worked extensively behind the scenes to develop products I use, suggest, and believe in to benefit persons of all types. I've always used most of my supplements around the training sessions I did, so I based a lot of the line on performance and recovery. Anything I was willing to put in my body had to be and still are top notch. The name says it all!
ProSource: Here at ProSource, your Cutler Nutrition products are selling well. Which aspect of ProSource's long retailing history in the sport fits best with Cutler Nutrition?
Jay Cutler: ProSource has a long, proud history in our industry. I've always believed that ProSource supported bodybuilding and the sports nutrition industry to the ultimate extent. Having contests, promoting the athletes, reps and owners of the lines, that takes commitment. Having expert staff on call for customers, providing great customer service, that stuff is important. We're really looking forward to working together with ProSource to maximize the Cutler Nutrition brand.  

Yes, Jay's den has more bling than yours.


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ProSource: Looking ahead to the 2014 Olympia, obviously Phil Heath is the guy right now, but who do you think is the next bodybuilding phenomenon on the horizon, a guy who could win 3 or 4 Sandows?

Jay Cutler: I see Phil winning as long as he wants to and the next guy will have to be something out of  this world to overtake his shape, proportions and conditioning!
ProSource: Finally, Jay, for all of our readers who dream of someday getting a pro card and competing, what is the one indispensable quality an athlete must have to succeed at the pro level? Why?

Jay Cutler: You have to have a strong disciplined work ethic, day in and day out.  You have to continuously work hard no matter what life throws at you.  Anyone can build a world class body, but to have the ability to stay positive and grind it out each day nonstop, that's what makes someone an elite champion. I believe either you're born with it or you are not,  these are all the key essentials to being the best at anything in life.

ProSource: Alright! Thanks again, Jay, for sharing with our readers.

More like 5 million Facebook LIKES by now.


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