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Janet Hayes
Age: 32
Height: 5'9"
Starting Weight: 195 lbs
Current Weight: 157 lbs

Time it took to complete Transformation: 8 months

My Story: When my son was a toddler I thought id never lose the baby weight. I'd lost about 10 lbs in the year since he'd been born and most of my hope to regain my formerly athletic figure. After I started using NytroWhey Ultra Elite, and other supplements through ProSource, combined with a proper workout program, the pounds began to melt off... I was so excited to see and feel my transformation i became certified as a personal trainer to help others make the same change. I also entered a bodybuilding contest to help me stuick to my goals. When I stepped onstage at the WPF Philadelphia Classic in may 2012 and won Ms. Bikini Model Philadelphia, I knew there was no turning back! Since then I have further refined my physique and continue to transform others every day.

Supplements Used to Help Achieve Goal:
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