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I've Never Felt Anything Like It. I'm a New Man.
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It's really pretty simple. If you're wondering whether your testosterone levels are low, they probably ARE low.

Medical science has long since conclusively determined that blood serum testosterone levels in men begin declining at age 30 and drop off sharply in the decades that follow. Those are the facts. But let's set aside that documented truth for now.

Let's focus instead on WHY you're wondering about your testosterone levels. When men think about T-levels, they think about big muscles and enhanced sex drive. This makes absolute sense, as those two factors are well-recognized outcomes of maximized hormonal function in men.

But there's more to the picture than that. Blood serum testosterone levels in the normal range (approximately 700 ng/dl) or enhanced range (up to 1100 ng/dl) are associated with a whole range of positive physiological and mental responses, including aggressiveness, fat loss (especially around the waist), and sexual function, as well as enhanced mood, sleep, motivation, even joint health and skin tone.

In short, feeling "blah" or apprehensive about your health is a symptom of the very testosterone decline you're worrying about. It's often difficult to properly appreciate the importance of testosterone to a man because testosterone is everything to a man. It is the biological foundation supporting your toned physique, your youthful appearance, your libido, your go-getting attitude, and your overall male well-being.

Testosterone CAN be Supported and Maximized, Just Like Any Other Bodily Function Essential to Health
The most frustrating aspect of watching men surrender to "old age" in the form of testosterone decline, is that it's all so avoidable. There's no mystery as to how and why our bodies secrete this all-important male hormone. And now, thanks to the arrival of an exciting new science breakthrough, there's no question about crucial supplemental measures you can take to support, maintain, and enhance its production.

Here's how the process works, when it's functioning at top capacity: The testes produce testosterone, regulated by a complex chain of signals that begin in the brain. This chain is called the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis. The hypothalamus secretes gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) to the pituitary gland in carefully timed pulses, which trigger the secretion of luteinizing hormone (LH) from the pituitary gland. Luteinizing hormone, in turn, stimulates the Leydig cells of the testes to produce testosterone.

Scientists have long known how this system worked, but they didn't know how to maximize its function naturally and consistently, especially as we age. The illegal and dangerous pharmaceuticals once favored by unscrupulous "doctors" and athletes served to merely dump artificially derived synthetic steroids into the system, spiking T-levels for a brief time and then causing natural testosterone production to diminish sharply or shut down entirely. Clearly, there had to be a means by which the male body's own natural testosterone production could be supported and up-regulated. Fortunately, now there is.

AndroTest: The New Science of
Natural Testosterone Enhancement

Recently, medical researchers have made enormous advances in identifying effective supplemental means of supporting and enhancing endogenous testosterone levels in the blood. Specifically, they have identified a full-spectrum protodioscin-rich botanical super compound, derived from a rare plant native to Bulgaria, that enhances the release of luteinizing hormone, triggering testosterone increases so significant as to rival those once associated with discredited synthetics.

Unfortunately, while this science was progressing, the ability of manufacturers to extract, purify, and standardize sufficient quantities of this botanical super compound was lagging behind. Until now.

The scientific breakthrough that has made REAL natural testosterone enhancement possible for athletes everywhere has arrived in the form of AndroTest from ProSource. AndroTest, the first true clinical-grade natural test booster, is the culmination of years of research and development efforts into manufacturing a genuine alternative to counterproductive synthetic steroids. AndroTest contains a clinically indicated dosage of the exact protodioscin-rich botanical super compound isolated by scientists as an activating agent for the release of LH and subsequent testosterone increase. As a result, AndroTest is already changing the lives of men across America.

A Free Testosterone Increase of 475%
Over Baseline in Just Two Weeks

Meet Zach Cheney. A 25-year-old, 225lb, successful amateur bodybuilder from Phoenix Arizona, Zach had his blood work taken and analyzed by independent testing facility LabCorp before starting AndroTest. At the time, his baseline testosterone and free-testosterone levels were 187ng/dl and 2.8pg/ml respectively, far below clinically normal. (Measurements of free testosterone are especially important because bonded testosterone is mostly inactive in the body, while free testosterone can enter cells easily and plays an important role in maximizing male function.)

After only one week on AndroTest, his levels shot into the normal range at 686 ng/dl (a 267% increase in total testosterone) and 15.3pg/ml (a 446% change in free-testosterone). In week two, Zach's testosterone levels increased to 702ng/dl (275% over baseline) and free-testosterone climbed to 16.1pg/ml (475% over baseline). This is a remarkable example of how effectively AndroTest can take someone from clinically low serum testosterone to maximized levels in two weeks (or less).

"When the hardcore guys at my gym were raving about AndroTest, it made me suspect it had to be pretty good. I didn't know then that it would be the most powerful supplement I've ever used in my bodybuilding career. I've never felt anything like it I feel like a new man. The feeling of having test levels go up almost five times is unlike anything you can imagine. The incredible surge in energy, confidence, and motivation has clearly played a huge role in my latest success in and out of the gym."
Zach Cheney

A 335% Increase in Free Testosterone
Levels for a 22-Year-Old Bodybuilder

If you're one of those men who think low testosterone is a middle-aged man's problem, we'd like you to meet Stephen Moore. A 22-year-old bodybuilder, Steven had his blood work tested at the Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisberg, Pennsylvania before starting AndroTest. The test indicated clinically low total testosterone levels and low normal free-testosterone levels. After only one week on AndroTest, Stephen's testosterone levels increased by 358% over his baseline and his free testosterone levels increased 300% to 68 pg/ml. That second number represents 70% over the highest clinical normal reference value. In week two, Stephen's testosterone levels increased again to 432% over baseline and free-testosterone increased 335% over baseline to 74 pg/ml, or 85% over the highest clinical normal reference value.

"Most testosterone boosters claim to give you that boost you need in the gym, but fall short when it actually comes to performance, AndroTest gave me that boost I needed and made me realize how important it is to have elevated testosterone levels when training hard. I can say through personal experience that AndroTest is the real deal."
Stephen Moore

Significant Increases in Testosterone Levels, Based on
Real Science and Validated in Real Clinical Testing

It's no secret that there are plenty of snake-oil supplements out there, making unsupported claims on late-night TV. AndroTest exists in an entirely separate realm from these spurious products, a realm founded on the rock-solid bedrock of advanced science and reputable clinical testing.

First and foremost, AndroTest's key active ingredient is absolutely unique to the category. ProSource is the only manufacturer that has ever succeeded in overcoming the processing, standardization, and cost hurdles inherent in incorporating real, clinically meaningful amounts of the protodioscin-rich botanical super compound associated with test-boosting efficacy. This key ingredient is standardized for an unprecedented 40% bioactive protodioscin and 28% steroidal glycopeptides, yielding the most potent and complete spectrum of active test-boosting agents in existence.

That's the kind of scientific integrity and commitment to rigorous manufacturing protocols that deliver unrivaled results. And those results were highlighted in a spectacular manner when AndroTest was subjected to a brand-specific, independent clinical test to gauge its efficacy. Note that we're not talking about a study conducted on AndroTest's key ingredient, but rather the commercially available AndroTest formulation itself. This is highly unusual in our industry, but a step the research team at ProSource felt very confident in taking.

In a randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind clinical study conducted by an independent laboratory involving 31 healthy adult men, AndroTest significantly boosted the subjects total testosterone and free testosterone by averages of 59.88% and 59.75% over baseline, respectively.
In that brand-specific, comprehensive, 4-week double-blind study, conducted at an independent clinical laboratory, subjects 35 to 55 years old were administered blood tests, then randomized to take either AndroTest or an identical-looking placebo for four weeks.

Subsequent bloodwork indicated a clearly significant increase in the AndroTest group compared to placebo for both free testosterone and total testosterone. Indeed, subjects using AndroTest experienced significant average increases in free testosterone of 59.75% over baseline and increases in total testosterone averaging 59.88% over baseline. Note that these results represent actual increases over baseline (as opposed to figures compared to placebo, which many manufacturers use to inflate their product claims), which makes these results clearly the most impressive ever seen for any product of its kind.  

Leading Sports Scientists Corroborate
AndroTest's Unprecedented T-Boosting Efficacy

It didn't take long for these unprecedented results to become the talk of the sports nutrition industry, particularly among some of the field's most respected scientists and researchers. Dr. Richard Kreider, Professor and Chair of the Department of Health, Human Performance & Recreation at Baylor University and Director of the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Lab and Center for Exercise, Nutrition and Preventive Health, has been effusive in his praise of AndroTest and the achievements of the ProSource research team.

"When I was asked to look at AndroTest, I asked, as I always do, to see the data. When I began reviewing results of the clinical trials, I was impressed enough to add it to my training and supplementation program.  I'm now experiencing gains in strength and muscle mass I haven't felt in over 20 years."
Dr. Richard Kreider

Dr. Kreider was also quick to differentiate AndroTest from its now-outmoded competitors in the category.

"AndroTest is the only supplement of its kind that actually has enough of the active nutrient, protodioscin, to seemingly make a difference," he says. "Nearly all of the studies that have previously been conducted in this category had protodioscin levels of 1-2%, not 40% as seen in AndroTest.  The AndroTest study is the first study I'm aware of that has shown that protodioscin supplementation can promote meaningful increases in free and total testosterone. I've been taking AndroTest for several weeks now and am experiencing first hand greater training gains in strength, energy, and ability to recover from workouts."

Test Levels Raised to 53% Higher Than
Clinical Normal for a 20-Year-Old . . . At Age 40!

Dr. Dwayne N. Jackson is a professor and scientist in the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at The University of Western Ontario. In addition, he is a 40-year-old bodybuilder who has been competing on and off since he was 18. His experience with AndroTest was also remarkable.

"Before I started taking AndroTest, I took a baseline blood sample and discovered that my baseline testosterone and free-testosterone levels were high, even for a 20 year old (I am twice that age). So, what more could taking AndroTest do for me? "

"Well, after only one week on AndroTest, my total testosterone increased with clinical significance by over 30%!  But even more remarkably, taking AndroTest for only one week raised my free- (bioavailable) testosterone by 40%, which actually pushed it to 61% higher than the highest clinical normal value for a man my age and 53% higher than the highest clinical normal value for a 20 year old." 
Dwayne Jackson, PhD

"In week two, my total-testosterone and free-testosterone further increased by over 80% and 55% (respectively) of already high baselines. The magnitude of these increases is well above the threshold needed to promote very significant improvements in muscle development and strength."

A colleague of Dr. Kreider's, Bill Campbell, PhD, CSCS, FISSN, an Associate Professor and Director of the Exercise and Performance Nutrition Laboratory, is another respected scientist who, after looking at the results of the study, decided to try the product himself.

"Low testosterone levels are associated with fatigue, lack of energy, loss of strength, and an increase in body fat," Dr. Campbell says. "Elevating endogenous levels of testosterone in a safe manner through supplements such as AndroTest not only prevents these problems, but can also increase strength and lean body mass when used in conjunction with a periodized resistance-training program."

"I decided to give AndroTest a try to see what its effects were in my own body," Dr. Campbell continued. "After a two-week period of AndroTest supplementation in conjunction with my own strength-training program, my total and free testosterone levels increased as well as my maximal strength in the bench press, squat, and deadlift."

"As a sports nutrition researcher, I know that it is rare when a sports supplement actually lives up to its advertising claims.  Given my own experience with AndroTest, I will be sure to include it in the short list of quality supplements that I recommend."
Bill Campbell, PhD

Imagine the Revitalizing Impact AndroTest Will Have
on YOUR Physique, Appearance, Libido, and Well-Being

Testosterone-boosting results like those reported by the experienced bodybuilders and leading scientists cited above have caused a sensation both in the athletic community and among men seeking to regain that unique "alpha male" advantage they feel they've lost.

Not surprisingly, sales of AndroTest have exploded in recent months, as the news of its spectacular T-boosting efficacy has spread from gym to gym, from publication to publication, and from man to man. Today, AndroTest is far and away the biggest seller we've ever carried in its category, and well on its way to setting overall sales records here at ProSource.

But what does the AndroTest breakthrough mean to you, as a man? To put it succinctly, AndroTest offers you a new lease on life, a clinically validated supplemental means of supporting and enhancing the all-important hormonal function that maximizes strength, youthfulness, vitality, libido, and mood.

AndroTest, quite simply, is the science of man at his best. Try AndroTest for yourself and feel the power of true clinical-strength test-boosting science!

Dr. Kreider's statements should not be considered or suggested to be an endorsement by the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Lab or Baylor University.

Use as directed. Read product label and warnings thoroughly before use. Endorsers used this product in conjunction with diet and exercise and were compensated for their testimonial. Endorsers results are not typical. Dr. Richard Kreider, Dr. Dwayne Jackson, and Dr. Bill Campbell are paid consultants of ProSource. A 4 week study of healthy males showed a 59.75% average increase in free testosterone compared to baseline, and 59.88% average increase in total testosterone, compared to baseline. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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