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Ishe Smith

Ishe Smith
At first, after looking at the bodybuilders in the ProSource magazine, I thought that maybe the ProSource products would not be right for me. Since I am a professional boxer, I don't need the same massive muscle as bodybuilders, but I do need lean muscle mass. I can truly say that not only did the ProSource brand of products and very capable staff help me achieve a leaner body, but I experienced better gym performance as well. I experienced more pumps with increased weight in the weight room, and also optimal performance at the track, and during my other cardiovascular activities, in the boxing gym and during fights.

Not only is ProSource a great source for your nutritional needs, but the staff is highly trained as well, to help you with any of your questions about any of their products. I am truly a better athlete because of ProSource.
--Ishe Smith, Professional Boxer

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