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Introducing Doc's Whey

Introducing Doc's Whey

100% Natural, Non-GMO-Sourced Whey Protein Isolate

It’s an undeniable fact: sometimes simple is better.

If it takes you ten minutes to read the ingredients label on a whey protein supplement, it’s time to start asking yourself how many of those ingredients are in that jug for your benefit, and how many are in there for the manufacturer’s benefit. More specifically, how many of those ingredients are present solely to help the product last longer on the shelf or to make poor-quality proteins taste a little better?

Fortunately, not every protein manufacturer is putting their interests before yours. Take Doc’s Whey, the new 100% natural whey protein researched and formulated by sports nutrition expert and acclaimed trainer Dr. Carlon Colker. Doc’s Whey is a technologically advanced whey protein based on a powerful philosophy. Use the purest and most potent protein sources to maximize biological and anabolic value, while minimizing every other factor that does not provide immediate muscle-building, thermogenic value for the consumer.

That means Doc’s Whey contains absolutely no artificial flavors, chemical colors or preservatives. Not even so-called “natural” sweeteners like stevia, a cheap, low-calorie sugar substitute that can cause nausea and increased body fat. In addition, Doc’s Whey is also non-GMO-sourced and rBGH-free.

What WILL you find in Doc’s Whey? Simply the highest-quality whey protein isolate, precision processed and filtered to maximize the biological subfractions essential to muscle repair and growth.

Mixes Smoothly and Easily in a Very Little Liquid

Here’s one way you can tell that Doc’s Whey contains only ingredients that are good for you. It mixes smoothly and easily in as little as three ounces of milk or water. If you’ve ever shaken and shaken (and shook some more) a couple of scoops of inferior protein in sixteen ounces or more of liquid, only to taste the same grit when you chug that solution down, you know that some arcane, unhealthy ingredients just don’t mix well. Doc’s Whey, on the other hand, emulsifies almost instantly, and has a smooth, even texture you'll love. And it won’t give you that full, bloated feeling that difficult-to-digest ingredients will give you either.

Natural, Organic Ingredients Ensure a Luscious Flavor

Another way you can tell that Doc’s Whey is 100% natural is that it tastes absolutely delicious. The whey protein isolate content in Doc’s Whey is ultra pure, which results in a clean, light, luscious flavor you’ll look forward to enjoying. Oh, and Doc’s Whey contains no soy protein, which contains phytoestrogens that can actually promote excess fat storage while it suppresses muscle growth and even thyroid action.

Formulated Exclusively For Dr. Colker’s
Celebrity Clients, Now Available For You!

Dr. Colker designed Doc’s Whey because he wanted a genuinely all-natural whey protein product that would also support significant muscle growth for his celebrity clients like Shaquille O’Neal and Bradley Cooper. Eventually, his advanced protein grew so popular among high-profile athletes and VIPs that increased production has made a wider availability not just a possibility but a necessity. Now, you too can enjoy all the muscle-supporting, thermogenic benefits of an ultra-premium protein without the unhealthy, hard-to-digest, artificial ingredients so common in most commercially available protein supplements.

If you value the importance of eating clean and also supplementing clean, Doc’s Whey is the perfect addition to your dietary regimen!

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